Stage 1: The Yearning and the Search: Inside us all, we have a yearning, a deep longing for true love and true acceptance with no fear. However, throughout the societies in this World, we hear the words UN-conditional love but were met with conditions, contingencies, and limitations on love.

Within us, all we know this is wrong but both nature and nurture has failed us. Codependency is the way to entrap our “loved ones” and we reinforce the idea that we inherited and learned. Ingrained in the fiber of our being from Parental relationships, Friendships, Romantic relationships and even the structure of society tells us that being codependent isn’t just okay but excepted.

For we don’t know what true love and acceptance is until we’re faced with it. And that leads us to the next stage.     

Stage 2: The Soul’s Recognition, The Great Spark:

There is no logical explanation for this stage, really for none of them. But, without knowing this individual you “Know” them. Without ever starring into their or hearing voice, you feel deeply connected to them. Like a long-lost friend and a distant lover you never touched, something inside of you screams, “I know you.”

This voice, this unreasonable, un-logical voice whispers. These whispers that echo inside are fueled by your ”inner higher self” which guided you to a pinpoint location at a pivotal time for a chance meeting.

Your souls called out to each other and threw all obstacles that the ”3D world” provided you still found your way to each other.

                                this could be due to a spiritual awakening.

Stage 3: The Codependent Union:

You two are in absolute bliss. You are like two magnets that can’t be separated. Who knew that love could feel this good? I mean sure you’ve had some nice experiences with others, but this is the ultimate seemingly fulfilling relationship.

Things couldn’t be more heavenly, the ultimate codependent connection. Demanding the attention and or satisfaction of this person in various ways. Unknowingly relying on someone outside of one’s self to make one feel loved, appreciated and accepted, hence the codependent relationship.

Stage 4: The Separation:

This stage is one of the most painful. Feeling like you have been abandoned and unwanted. Bring up similar situations in which you have felt this way. This feeling can even stem back to childhood wounds, unresolved issues within relationships and within one’s self.

Many times, in this stage individuals do a lot of finger pointing and it’s mainly outwardly. It is easy to focus on the pain and what others have wrongly done and how you will never find the “ONE”.

This can also be an individual that points the finger to self but in the energy of pity and self-defeat.

But the next couple of stages will explain when and how you will find the “ONE”.

Stage 5: The Purge (part of separation):

In this stage the hidden energies of yourself that are reflected in your Twin, your Divine Partner are brought to the surface in many ways. Like an antibiotic that conjures up all the deep-rooted parasites that have been integrated within one’s immune system, you were completely immune to the toxic behavior and thought patterns all around you.

You will experience some epiphany moments, but it can still be hard to understand what’s going on and even to face the truth.

Stage 6: Runner/Chaser-Giver/Taker:

This can also be compared to The Full Spectrum of Narcissism, this Podcast post is located on the Patreon Page

Like the magnetism that drew you two together are now repelling each other. With consistent triggers, both act out of fear of rejection which is the lack of true love.

One continues to reach out physically and or energetically, while the other withdraws and hides, they both are hiding from the unrealized aspects of themselves.

The feminine energy (not based on gender nor gender identification) is the intuitive energy and can sense the connection and is the aggressor, the Chaser, the Giver.

The Masculine energy, once again (not based on gender nor gender identification) is the logic energy and holds everything in the regard of what makes sense based on data collection from the ”3D circumstance”. The logic, the Runner, the Taker.

The Chaser intuitively knows and wants to give their love to the Runner who doesn’t understand because it doesn’t add up logically. They will not accept the love as true unconditional love nor take it and hold their love within themselves.

Stage 7: Surrender and Release:

This is the breaking point. This is where many of your fears have been realized and presents themselves front and center for you to fully acknowledge.

This is the point in which one starts to notice family and individual habits and hang-ups, behavior and thought patterns both effective and hindering. With this, you start to shed layers of your Lower Self, your Ego.

Stage 8: Singular Unification, Self-Mastery:

Fully understanding that YOU are the center of your own universe and it all revolves around YOU. And YOU are fully responsible for your own thoughts, feelings, perceptions and even realities.

YOU are the “ONE”. The ONE you seek unconditional love and full acceptance from. Before knowing or even showing true love and acceptance anyone else, you must first find yourself.

Who are you really? By aligning with your Higher Self that communes with The Divine Source, YOU will find out who you are.

By mastering one’s self you master your energy and you will master life by being in alignment with your divine purpose.

Stage 9: Divine Unification, The Divine Star: By mastering yourselves individually, defeating codependency and obtaining true love and acceptance which activated healing within you are ready for union.

You and your divine Partner come into the Ministry of Divine Marriage with the Divine Source at the head. It’s two Trinities merging together and becoming one force.

This marriage may not be in the conventional sense, but this union is here to stay, and you are now prepared for your joint mission.

Stage 10: The Mission of Healing & Freedom: Experiencing a love like no other is a gift that was given to you and is now your duty and joy to share with others. This is the mission of bringing healing and freedom by ushering in true Love and acceptance to the Collective-the Connected. And this will spread throughout humanity.

Stage 11: The True Beginning, Before Incarnation: This step actually happens before incarnation, so it’s technically Stage 1, before number 1 on this list. (slight chuckle).

Before a Twin Flame incarnates, the two Souls are joined in the Spiritual realms ordained by the Heavenly sector. Such as mentioned in the Biblical text Genesis 2:24 it reads, “Therefore, a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.” Briefly, things that are explained and experienced in the Physical comes from the Spiritual and they directly mirror one another.

Continue “Fueling the Flame 🔥” Love, Ashley

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  1. Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

    1. I can personally attest to the strength of this unique bond, truly like no other.
      Definitely, Awakened something that was already within but buried deep within. I thank God for this connection

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