Patterns are all around us day in and day out. Our Subconscious mind picks up on all of these patterns, signs, synchronicities and pretty much everything. How do these patterns lead us in the “Ascension Process?” How can they aid in manifesting our wildest dreams?

Life Patterns are the building blocks of reality, the seen and unseen. These Life Patterns build each of our own realities and lead each of us to our own True life’s purpose.

Many may notice when starting their “Awakening Process”, patterns. They start to see unique number sequences, among other things. These unique number sequences are cues from the Universe, a cosmic tap on the shoulder, simply to state that The Divine is about to shift and shake things up in your life.

The Signs Have Always Been

No need to panic, it’s a good shake. Like when there’s the last bit of ketchup at the bottom of the bottle and you want it! So, you shake and shake and shake until you get that last bit out. And wahla, the perfect topping for your Homefries. Lol 😆

Besides making you hungry this example serves as a great illustration for how God, The Divine Source will shake your 3d experience up to get the last bit out of your situations, relationships, mindsets, talents and so on. To obtain the best of you, the NEXT LEVEL YOU.

Back to these number sequences and other signs you can think of these as bread crumbs. This leads us to our analogy. Maybe you have heard of the story Hansel and Gretel, regardless if you have or have not, I synopsize this story for you. Hansel is the little boy, the Masculine. Gretel is the little girl, the Feminine. Knowing of their parents’ scheme to abandon them in a Forest during a famine, they leave Bread Crumbs to their home to find their way back. In the story, birds ate the Bread Crumbs and they became lost in the wilderness.

But just imagine being abandoned in a Forest, completely lost, alone, and spiritual famished but then discovering you have everlasting Crumbs to lead you out and to nourish you on your journey.

The two children representing both the Masculine and the feminine energies of yourself that merge together as your being led out of this hypothetical Forest, the wilderness of “The SUBpressed Conscious Mind” to the plush Promise Land of the “Super Conscious Mind”, is what The Divine Source wants for all. (For an analytical break down of this story drop a comment below if you would like us to produce an in-depth video.)

The merging of these energies within, the Ascension process doesn’t happen overnight. Maybe not even in this lifetime. According to many belief systems, a Soul reincarnates continually until reaching Enlightenment, full and complete unification within one’s self.

The Great Divine will lead and guide you with signs, synchronicities, bread crumbs leading you to the NEXT LEVEL YOU. The next level YOU knows more, feels more, sees more, is more advanced than the previous you.

As you go through these transformations, these new births, these baptisms of The SUBpressed 3D Mental the veil is lifted. You will start to notice how everything is connected, that everything is one and the same. You will notice The Pattern of Life.

With first recognizing The Pattern of Life, then understanding how it works you will be able to do what most can’t do and never even know it exists. You will have the ability to manifest every single thing you want even down to the details of how and when!

Now let me explain before you think I’m full of it and click off this post. The first key to understanding and operating in manifestation is THEKNOWING. Knowing what? You may ask. Just THEKNOWING.

Still lost? Okay, most mention when manifesting that everything is in “Divine Timing” or in “God’s Time”. This is true overall, but many times people lose hope because they feel lost and powerless in their life. They feel like victims to circumstances, when it should be the other way around. That 3D Circumstance will lay itself down at your feet. How so? Let me explain.

Before incarnating into the 3D fully Physical Plane; The Divine Source, the Author, your Higher Self, your Super Conscious and the lower energies of yourself, which is you now but minus the density of physicality, all stepped into the role of “Co-Creatorship”. Operating in Co-Creatorship your Divine purpose, your destiny, your life’s purpose, your Soul Contract was formed.

Now that we have that established, we can move on to how Divine Timing and manifestation works.

When placed into the dense physical world, stripped of your divinity and reduced to the lower energies of yourself, The SUBpressed Conscious Mind, you then are in disalignment. This disalignment occurs from energetic blockages from your Higher Self to your Lower Self, from your Super Conscious to your SUBpressed Conscious. So coming from limitlessness to limitation, putting a restriction on the flow of the operation of freedom from the Super Consciousness which creates Energetic Blockages.

As you ascend you clear these Energetic Blockages that keep you the lower vibratory energies of yourself and SUBpressed by the 3D Experience and bond to The Resistance.

The higher your vibration the higher you ascend, the more you ascend the vaster your viewpoint and you can see more patterns. The more the more you can comprehend how reality works, so you can manipulate this dense reality.

The word manipulate means working with energy and allocating energies into the desired outcome. Speaking of desire lets clarify what this keyword really means in manifestation terms.

Desire, A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. Yes, we know what desire is but there are two types of desire. Everyone knows about the lower vibration of desire, this desire is basically stating you lack something, that you need something. This is the lack mentality that dwells and festers in the lower vibratory state.

Now the 2and energy, the higher vibration of desire comes from your Higher Self your Super Consciousness that dictates and guides according to your Divine Will, purpose, destiny, etc. With this orchestrated desire this is Divine Timing, God’s timing. Not a person operating out of the lower lustful energies that are predicated on the senses.

By aligning you KNOW, you KNOW what to ask for, when to ask for it, when to expect it to manifest and how it will manifest without force. However, the how and when is for highly advanced Ascended Masters, usually individuals such as but not limited to Monks, Breatharians certain High Priests, and Priestess, Shamans, Ministers, Divine One’s, etc.   

They are able to do this because they can recognize The Pattern of Life. You can find these fundamental patterns of this universe in manuscripts like “The Kybalion”, The Biblical text, The 12 Spiritual Laws of The Universe, The Quran, and others.

They not only can follow the Bread Crumbs but can sustain themselves with fewer and fewer crumbs or engulf entire loaves if needed and resonate at the same vibratory state.

As mentioned in the Biblical text by Apostle Paul, Philippians 4:11-13 “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know to have little or to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation,…I can do all this through The Divine Source who gives me strength, THEKNOWING.”

Because those who are likened to Apostle Paul, they are too unaffected by The Resistance, the 3D experience, they have this gift because they do not give way to this gift. They aren’t controlled by The Resistance, but The Resistance is controlled by them.

The motif of Life is illustrated and woven into the tapestry of the 3D existence that most overlook. Its unique and literally breathtaking and life-giving beauty isn’t hard to see and feel if one would just open their eye of faith, THEKNOWING.

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Continue “Fueling the Flame 🔥“. Love, Ashley

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