What is the Purpose of the Twin Flame Union?

You probably have heard of this connection being the Ultimate expression of true Love. Very true this is an immensely unexplainable magnetic attraction. Yes, all these things are true but there are so many other aspects to this partnership that aren’t explained or even possibly understood or known by the majority of The Collective, the Connected.

A strongly spiritual connection that physically displays the Divine Love for humanity and all of creation. A tangible template of the Divine design of TRUE unconditional love and Divine wisdom that are two polarities of one and that is absolute freedom.

In all that The Divine Source does is to express the grand Divine Design. In Genesis 1:26 it states, “Then The Divine said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule…”

Simply put, we, like The Divine Source, have three aspects to our design. The Masculine energy, The Feminine energy and the Divine Spark also known as the Soul. You may have also heard of the Higher Self, The Over-Soul and other names.

This creates the Trinity template, commonly seen in most Religious templates, this is activated within each Twin or Divine Partner. This is The Divine Triangle arriving to the unification, The Ultimate Oneness.

This is best visualized by the Tarot card, The Two of Cups. Here you can see both The Masculine Energies, Adam and the Feminine Energies, Eve, perfectly mirroring each and connected by the Caduceus, Higher Knowledge & Wisdom. The Caduceus represents The Awakening and the alignment with The Divine Source. With the Caduceus, the Two Snakes are the Twin’s Awakened selves in the Heavenly realms, with the man and woman joined in the Divine Marriage that’s grounded into the physical plain.

The Rider-Waite Tarot depicts a Red Lion at the top of the Caduceus, the Red Lion represents the drinkable gold. Which is the Kundalini, the Sexual Union, the consummation of the Twins. Activating the 3rd Energy and solidifying the Divine Marriage.

Side Note: This also aids in the Ascension process and accessing Divine Knowledge and Wisdom. (For more information more in-depth info visit our Patreon Page)

This description is the perfect embodiment of what happens within each Twin. Twin Flames, Divine Partners shed codependency to become The Divine Alchemist. Codependency is taught and forced unto every single individual in every single society upon the Earth. An Alchemist is one that sheds the control of the 3d circumstance, also known as the resistance which includes people, ideals, objects, situations, etc to step into Self-Mastery.

Thru self-mastery, the Divine Alchemist is able to activate and live in True freedom. With True freedom comes full acceptance, True unconditional Love and Divine Wisdom. The Divine Alchemist is a freedom fighter bringing freedom not just to themselves but to The Collective-The Connected, and then unto humanity as a whole. Divine Ones are here to uplift humanity by activating evolution and ushering in the New World, the new paradigm.

The design of this bond can be found in the Trinity template found in all religions and the dualistic nature of life and the unification of the All. The Twin’s join with the Spirit to form the Trinity Template. Then thru the Spirit, they ground the Union from the Heavenly into the Earthly forming the Dualistic nature of life. The Feminine, and the Masculine. Also known as Ying/Yang, Pull/Push, Positive/Negative, Hot/Cold, Left Brain/Right Brain that is the unification found in all things and become one thru the realization that All is one.

As a side note, not all Divine Ones such as Twin Flames, Ultimate Soulmates, Starseeds, Indigos and the like, have the same spiritual gifts, talents, abilities, and skills. Just the same nor are all on the same Wave to Ascension nor Union, the Divine Marriage.


In addition, not every set has the same calling to the cause of the degree of Ascension. Some will blend very closely with humanity, others a few steps or degrees above and the rare few, commonly known as Ascension Masters, are called to a more dedicated journey. They are at the forefront of the Evolutionary Ascension Movement, leading not just humanity but The Collective, The Connect.

As a Twin Flame, you are the physical design of The Divine Source, the replica of the flow of the nature of life and the embodiment of oneness. The oneness that exudes from within outwardly.

You are a Freedom Fighter. Not fighting with fists nor words but with the mastering of One’s Energy (the Inner self) hence the phrase, “As above so below, as within so without”.

Count it as a blessing to be called to such a love as this.

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