As Lightworkers we are here to usher in freedom and unconditional love that has been lost in the ocean of the manipulative nature of mankind.

When one is on the quest to true freedom and self-love one must first strip all ideals of what is considered normal and what is known to be common.

In the last Masculine Energy innergy” Reading the Tower Card and the Three of Swords was the focal point. The Spirit was saying that the Masculine Energy, that of the logical mind and 3D “Sub”pression was/is falling, the Ego death. While the Feminine aspects of the Masculine was/is awakening. The Three of Swords card was confirming the breaking, healing, and reactivation of the Masculine hearts.

So with this current Energetic reading, the focal point is movement towards Freedom.

“Under the pressure, great things and even greater people are made.”  –Ashley H.A.Williams


The masculine “innergy” is being broken down to be rebuilt. Their logic will be crowned by new logic, like forementioned in the (previous Feminine Friday’s) the Feminine is grounding the New Law as the High Priestess. So the High Priest can align and make the New Law logical.

With this breaking comes the breaking of physical ties with individuals, ideals, patterns, thoughts and the like so one can come to their “own” realization.

Many feminines maybe missing their divine masculine and wondering why there is limited to no communication. But, the Spirit reassures you that this is the best thing to happen. For with this, the breaking of codependent bounds and the restoration of Self-mastery can happen within both Twins, Divine Partners.

Fighting for Freedom

As pictured the steed is mounted by a young woman, the steed is the masculine and the woman is the feminine. They are at a standstill at a crossroads. The feminine has a tight grip on the reins which is connected to the bit that controls the direction in which the horse goes.

The feminine whether conscious or not has been physically, emotionally and or energetically attempting to control the direction of the connection.

And the masculine can feel every pull and tug on his energies regardless of how hard or slight it may be.

Exercising Their Freedom.

Things may seem to be moving slow and or at a standstill like depicted in the card above. But do not base anything on the old logic for the Spirit is moving everything into its proper places for union but first, the unification within oneself has to take place.

Personal Guidance from Your Guides


Continue “Fueling the Flame “. Love, 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂

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