As Above, So Be-Low

What “lies” be-low the surface of the lips and the core of the heart rules a man.

One can not hide their true nature but for so long, if one claims to have been “fooled” by another, it is the one who was “fooled” by the disalinment that was mirrored back to them.

When we are being honest with our “inner selves” we realize that we are all mini magnets. Some bigger and stronger than others but we all magnetize the “innergy” that exists within.

Innergy“, the “inner selves“, are all synonymous with the idea of an inner magnet.

What does a magnet do? It pulls and pushes.

When we ground into the 3D reality we are fully connected to our “higher self” through our “core being”. But in the density of physicality, we build Energetic Blockages forming our “inner selves“.

These inner identities are formed to protect the “core being“. The “core being” is connected to the “higher self” this connection is called, “inner higher self“.

“As above so be-low, as within so without.”

These “inner selves” pull and magnetize information “in form mation”, thoughts, emotions, people, situations, spirits, and the like towards an individual. Because of what’s be-low the surface and what’s within surrounding the “core being

As one aligns their “core being” with their “higher self“, their “inner higher self” strengthens. This continues the pull effect of matching vibrational “innergies” and activates the push effect. The push effect demagnetizing non-vibrational “innergies” and pushing them out of your“vibraic field“.

The more one vibrates at their “inner higher self” frequency, the more the same frequencies are attracted to that vibration.

So, when one is not operating in their “inner higher self” are they lying to others and even themselves?

Yes and no. Yes because when one is not operating in their “core self” on a higher plane from human reasoning and understanding not being honest equates to a lie. However, from a non-dimensional higher plane of reasoning, no. Because each layer of ones “inner self“, each identity has a truth of its own. Some would call this a reality or even a timeline.

Regardless, each layer that’s removed reveals the “next level YOU“. The new YOU, the present truth, the new reality, the new vibration, the new timeline. And the process of removing the current layer begins again.

Scripture Meditation:

Ezekiel 36:26 “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit. And I will remove the heart of stone.”

Personal Guidance from Your Guides

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