The Collective “Innergy”

The Sexual Purification of the Divine PartnersATTENTION: Sexual References

While preparing for Divine Union one needs to remove many Energetic Blockages that have formed from incarcerating and existing in the 3D experience.

The most powerful energies are Sexual Energy, the Kundalini, the Awakening energy, the 3rd Energy (all synonymous). This energy open portals and dimensions to other timelines and realities many are unaware of and are unable to handle the potency. Both healing and bounding to the extreme polar opposite. (Full article coming soon)

Innergy Read Sexual Purification 1

The Overall Collective Message

What was once viewed as “no big deal” and the actions of the lust of the flesh easily played out in the physical. (1 John 2:16) Which the lower energies and attributes of the “inner selves” “sub”presses

The Sexual Purification of the Divine Partners.

The Knight of Swords in this reading represents the lustful eager energy rushing into a situation because of the lust of the flesh. The Three of Wands are 3rd party relations. The Eight of Cups in the reverse is the individual unfulfilled leaving or realizing that their lusts have gotten them into a serious situation.

This feels heavy in the Masculine Energy. From previous energy reads the masculine energy (ego logical mind) is crumbling to be rebirthed in the feminine energy (spiritual grounding the new law)

In this process, the masculine energy is breaking free from what is known to be logical. To assert his/her authority which leads to self-discovery and eventually self-mastery.

The sexual “Innergy” energy Purification

The masculine Purification processing through sexual energy build up and release (ejaculation). As shown in the Two of Cups card with the caduceus aligning with “red lion” which in alchemy is the “elixir of eternal life” (semen/climax)

The Divine Spirit is saying not to mix your sexual “Innergy” energy with those who are not equally yoked. (2 Corinthians 6:14) The “yoke” is the “spirit soul path”, mental, heart space.

The sharing of these energies with those of a lower energy creates Energetic Blockages and will pull on the “Innergy” and energies of the host (Divine One). These are referred to as an Energy Vampire.

The Lovers card is crowned by the victory of “the superior conscious mind” also the “divine marriage” so when both sides of the brain or both energies balance and merge into unification.

Primarily the masculine energy throughkarmic relations whether conscious or unconsciously are “karmicly burning” the lower energies, mentalities, emotional states, etc. Especially, with sexual energy, many are shedding codependent attachments with pornography, multiple sexual partners, even a committed karmic relationship that keeps them in a “karmic revolution/cycle“.

Many can feel the sexual energy from their Twin, Divine Partner whether conscious or unconscious. Masturbation, Astro Sex and even grounding the “twin sexual energy” with another individual which brings healing and restoration.

What’s Coming Up

The masculine (his/her) energy is/will start to “retain” their sexual energy which will cut Major Energetic Blockages bringing major freedom and victory.

“To know oneself one must first shed all ideals, past and current realities and timelines which may even include people, including and especially their Divine Partner.”

The “karmic wheel” is turning. Harness your “sexual energy” use it to co-create your reality. You may be feeling the rise of your “sexual energy” know that its orchestrated by the Divine and to strengthen the “Twin Body

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Continue “Fueling the Flame “. Love, 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂

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