What are Karmic Substitutes, Karmic Partners & Their Purpose?

Many of us have had some type of interaction with a “karmic“. Whether you have been in a “karmic relationship” or your Twin-flame, Divine Partner maybe in a “karmic relationship“.

karmic substitutes” & “karmic partners” are bounds to activate “karmic burning“, the “alchemical process” that leads to divine change by breaking “karmic cycles“.

Karmic Substitute
Karmic Substitute

Think of a “karmic” as a stand-in on the set of a movie. The stand-in substitutes for the real actor. They perform all the stunts and dangerous deeds so no harm will come to the main actual talent.

Through the “alchemical processing” the changing of the mind, then the senses, then the actions which lead to the changing of the 3D circumstances.

If you, being the actor in the analogy above did your own stunts but then seriously injured yourself, how could you finish the film?

Better yet, if you were in 3D partnership with your Twin-Flame, Divine Partner and allowed yourself to be used for all the “karmic burning“, how then could you join into union?

To take on all that sin (limitations from the 3D circumstance) of your partner, your generational hinderances “karma” and your partners generational “Karma” would be too much. That’s why God, The Divine Spirit, The “Trinity Template” created “karmic substitutes” and “karmic contracts“.

Honestly, you should thank the “karmic substitute” and the Divine Spirit for these types of connections which make “Divine Union” possible and even easier. They are taking a lot of the brunt in place of you.

Scripture Meditation:

Continue “Fueling the Flame 🔥“. Love, Ashley

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