This is part of “Willings Wednesdays”, for the “Twin-Flame Starseed Bible Study & Divine Reading” This series is preparing us for Divine Union/ Marriage

1 John 4:19 Energetic Contract called LOvE


We think we know LOvE, right? Well, before quickly answering let’s review what LOvE really is.

1 John 4:19 “We LOvE because HE first loved us.”

How do you know what LOvE is?

When one incarnates into the “3D experience” the full understanding of unconditional LOvE is encoded within the “core being“.

However, through the “incarnation process” from the genetic material blockages are transferred and by existing in the “3D experience” even more blockages are generated. This creates “Energetic Blockages” and the “inner selves” to protect the “core being“.

We Learn to UNLOvE

We all actual learn to UNLOVE. By being bound to the contingencies placed on us by others.

The word LOvE, whichever language is a “Energetic contract one enters into when spoken.

Let me explain.

True LOvE is full acceptance of the individual, no contingencies, completely unbridled. Perfect LOvE can not reside in the presence of fear. 1 John 4:19

The word LOvE a 4 letter word. The #4 is stability, a foundation one can stand on.

Making the statement ” I LOvE You” is opening up to the ”energetic exchange” of acceptance and creates an ”energetic contract”. You then are bounding with the ”innergy” of the other. With this ”energetic contract” LOvE is the bound, the main premises of the contract.

LOvE simply means to accept (period).(further details about boundaries etc, are for another article)

This means I accept you for who you are and as you are. The things I desire to change about you are only projections of insecurity and inability to fully accept you, to LOvE you.

God's LOvE is Extended to ALL

Gods LOvE is extended to ALL because understanding & acceptance is applied to all dimensions of the individual. So, what one may deem to be unloveable and unacceptable, God deems to be accepted and truly LOvED.

The bound of the contract spans from the ”spectrums of lights”, the ”vibrational pact” and various frequencies.

Many speak before thinking so when using the word, the vibration, the frequency, the ”code of conduct” of LOvE so they are ill prepared to handle the gravity of upholding such a duty.

This physical embodiment of unconditional LOvE was/is ”The Manifested Christ”, ”The Christos Energy”. The energy that manifeated in individuals such as Buddha, Gandhi, and others.

These individuals are the physical representation and fulfillment of contract of LOvE between the Divine Source and mankind.

NUMBERS of 1 John 4:19:

  • 4-Stability
  • 1-Giving to oneself
  • 9-Fruitfulness
  • 10-Completion


Meditation Question :

What restaints do I place on LOvE with the ones in my life?


Continue “Fueling the Flame 🔥“. Love, Ashley

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