TWINFLAME UNION vs MARRIAGE Part 1 “Being Equally Yoked”

Equally Yoked, Marriage vs Divine Marriage

As a Twinflame counselor, I’ve encountered the question many times regarding marriage for Divine Ones.

This TwinFlame Starseed Bible Study is a series entitled Marriage vs Divine Marriage. And the scripture is 2 Corinthians 6:12-16 and include reading for the Collective Energy at the end, so stay tuned.

Offhand the number 6 as all numbers has two energies. So with 2 from the 2 Corinthians and the number 6, The Divine Spirit is pointing out relationships and the Ego, The “3D SUBPressed Mental“. Actually, all these numbers are screaming this.

As a side note, when gathering information takes into account the Numbers and how they relate to not just Scripture but any text.

Now to the Scripture line by line.

·         You are not restricted by others, but by your own affections.”

The Apostle Paul is pointing the mentality of the reader. This book was a letter to the Corinth Church. But for any Reader, the question to ask one’s self is, “What or who are you blaming for your affections aka Emotions? This is strictly based on the mentality. Read on

·         As a fair exchange—I speak as to my children—open wide your hearts also.

What is really being said will “fall on deaf ears” because of the lack of spiritual and mental maturity. A mind with great maturity can process highly complicated material.

And we know that the “heartspace” emotions are simplyInnergy“, energy in motion. One can affect the “3D circumstance” with their emotions and through vibration cause change.

·         Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.

In basic terms, this is the mentality. The Yoke is the Mindset and on the higher level the Spiritual Body, “inner higher self“, the “core being”.

·         For what does righteousness have in common with lawlessness?

Here we are not questioning what is righteous or lawless but the comparison between the contrasts. Like the contrast between white and black, hot and cold, etc.

·         And what communion (relationship) has light with darkness?

although these two are on the same spectrum called light, once again the comparison between the contrasts.

·         And what harmony has The Manifested Christ with mere idols?

Here the focus shouldn’t be on religious dogma but let’s look at this from the standpoint of the contrast of stature and authority.

The Manifested Christ, The Great Alchemist, the King of all Kings and so. Every other thing falls under the authority thereof.

How can something being greater than the greatest?

·         Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?

Let’s divide the two for a better illustration.

An unbeliever: Lack of a higher understanding of how things operate in the spiritual realms and ground into the “3D circumstance“. These individuals are victims of the physical and therefore have no authority, similar to the idols listed in the previous section.

A Believer: Having full authority (Luke 10:19) over the “3D circumstance” stepping into the role of co-creator. These individuals are Alchemist, activating and living in the Christos Energy.

·         And what agreement has the temple of God with idols?”

What can an idol do or say to an Alchemist, one that walks in thelight path of the Ultimate?

·For you are the temple of the living Divine.” Yes, The Divine One’s house a soul but more so than that we hold the “light codes”, “love languagesand Christos Energy to raise the vibrational state” of the human populous aka “gentiles“.

Now let’s address how Marriage works in regards to this Equally or unequally Yoke.

Divine Marriage (Union)

But, in short, this connection is a Spiritual Union that existed before you or your Twin manifested into this “3D experience“. In the Heavenly realms, you currently are and already have been in Divine Union.

 Unlike most relationships that are built on Codependency. The understanding of Love is based and codependent on the Physical senses. So, each party bases the relationship on compatibility in the Physical realms, physically forcing the relationship to work. What would be known as compromising, sacrificing one’s self and being dependent on the other party for approval and acceptance.

When this connection is placed under the umbrella of Marriage or a committed relationship this would be a physically compatible connection forcibly associated with a Spiritual union. 

On the other hand, a Divine Partnership such as a Twin Flame connection is already a Spiritual bond grounding into the “3D experience“, also known as reality. •Grounding means manifesting.

So, the relationship started in the Heavenly realms and as the Divine Partners sheds codependency and they awaken to their True Selves “inner higher selves” the relationship manifests into the Physical.

With that said, Twinflames, Divine Partners are “equally yoked” in the spiritual realms that will ground into the “3D experience“. As the pair (or sometimes trio-for another post) sheds codependency activating Self-Mastery.

Unlike Twins, gentiles (normal individuals) have to compromise in order to cohabitate which encourages codependent behaviors and ideals. Aka Idolatry.

Divine Partners operate differently. The act of compromise is the shedding of the “false self“, ego, codependent behaviors, and ideals, aka eliminating Idolatry.

What happens when one is unequally yoked?

The tug-of-war of compromisation is always at play here. Both parties will always fell subpressed, misunderstood and unfulfilled.

The Unbeliever does not possess the ability to fully comprehend and support the vision of the Believer. The mental, emotional, psychological strain will be unbearable.

Some Unbelievers can develop diseases due to the stress which is due to the lack of “faith”, “theknowing“, Self-Mastery.

Self-Mastery is one going through the “alchemical processing” to morph physically into what one is in the spiritual realms. (As above, so below) And this process is reserved for Divine Ones.


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