LIBRA FULL MOON “ The Communion” Divine Partnerships

This Libra Full Moon is the completion of the Communion (explained further down).
This outward expression started at the beginning of this month with the Aries New Moon.
The “Divine Spirit” extended the offer of “holy matrimony“. This is from the vision of the “Manifested Christ”,the “Christos Energy”, the “Awakened One”
with the crown which the “glory” the “halo” the “Alchemicalized Mind” bursting through the clouds, the confusion, the lack of Faith, limitation.

This is the return of the Masculine to join his Feminine. The “new logic” pairing with the “awakened spirit“.
In the Biblical Text the reference of the Church is made in a metaphor of the Bride. Church or Temple is the mind and heart of
a Divine Bean while, the Christ being the groom.

This Communion is us, the “Lightworker“, the “Divine One“, joining in marriage, unifying with the “Divine Spirit”.

The masculineChrist” is returning for his “bride” the feminine. The feminine as the High Priestest is grounding
the New Law, the new logic which is the Masculine. They work in unison.

The Temple is imporant because this is the housing unit of the “soul essences” and vital for grounding who we really are and
our Divine Partnership.

In our series “Twinflame Marriage/Union Series” we first covered “being equally yoked” from the scripture 2 Corinthians 6:12-16

We are already fully compatible with our “Divine Partner” in the spiritual but now we have to ground those attributes into the physical.

We do this by shedding “false selves” and aligning with our “inner high self” thus making the partners equally yoked.

We can see the masculine existence (the ego, false judgement, the 3D false construct, the old paradigm) calasping with the fire at Notre Dame.(article coming) In this Full moon reading the key “note” is IT’S TIME. It’s time to prepare for the UNION, old relationships that “siphoning energy” and your “innergy” will be weeded out. You may not have been able to see clearly what was happening but with this energy things are becoming vivid.

Who is equally yoked and who is not.

With The Hermetic Tarot deck the 3 of Hearts card, The Lord of Sarrow. Yes, we have all experienced various forms of heartbreak, especially from our ”Divine Partner”.
I usually call this card The Sacred Heart card, that of the ”Christos Energy”. This card in this deck represent Saturn in the 10-20 degree of Libra.

The 3 streams of “3D SUBpression”

With the 5 petals of the Rose, The Rose is purity and passion, Venus and Aphrodite, and the blood(information) of Osiris, Adonis, and the Christ. As well the Masculine and “mystical marriage“.

And the #5 is the “fifth element“, Ether, ”Divine judgment”, change, life force, miracles such as the ”immaculate conception”. As well as the 5 waves
of Divine Partners and the “twin body

The Angel Energies of the 3 of Swords Card

Angel Harayel/Harahel: the angel of intellectual abundance. This name means “God Who Pervades All”.

Angel Hoqmiah/Hakamiah: the angel of loyalty or Sacraments. The name means “The Raising God”.

The 4 of Swords, Lord of Rest from Strife, the 20-30 degree of Libra that’s ruled by Jupiter. With the two fists, this plays of the 3 of Swords card in saying “give and take” that both parties have been the offender and offendee. This is also saying to be forgiven you must also forgive.

With the card bring clarity of the mental state and the “clouds” as aforementioned of lack of faith, understanding, limitation and the like will dissipate.

The Angel Energies of the 4 of Swords card

Angel Laviah/Lavuiah: is the angel of revelations and intuition. The meaning of his name is ”The Marvelous God.

Angel Kelial/Caliel: The angel of justice. This name means “The Invocable God”.

We are all moving from our past of being a victim to the “3D circumstance” being prisoners no more moving into the clarity of mind and being balanced.


Personal Guidance from Your Guides


Continue “Fueling the Flame “. Love, 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂

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