Lilith is often portrayed as a rebellious sexual temptress, a baby killer, a dangerous demon of the night and even a negative transit in astrology.

A closer look into her story, or stories we can discover hidden aspects of ourselves. You might have more in common with her than you think.

Laser Lilith


I like to think of Ladee Lilith as the Serpent, the Tempter. Just as the ”karmic” can tempt one to be comfortable with their ”false self”.

Listed throughout history in many texts, civilizations, and religions as a female demon associated with nightmares or terrors including sexual night sweats, amount of ”evil” trades.

It us said that the wise King Solomon had lilin (similar to Shedim:demon like but not completely evil) dance before him. Lilith and her children, the lilim, are considered to be night spirits.

The term lilith or lilit(translated as “night creatures”, “night monster”, “night hag”, or “screech owl”). In ancient Mesopotamian religion, lilin were hostile night spirits that attacked men, (lilītu) a earlier class of female demons.

From Karmic, To True LOvE

Taught more so Jewish cultures, Lilith in this text specifically ”female he created them” refers to Adam’s first wife named Lilith. It continues that she left because she refused to be subservient to Adam. She left the Garden of Eden and then coupled with the Archangel Samael in which they produced offspring.

The Two Twinflames

In mystical writing predating the Zohar states that the Angel Samael and Lilith are a double-faced, androgynous being. Mirroring Adam and Eve born of a hermaphrodite being from corresponding in the spiritual realm. Much like the mirroring of the Devil Card and the Lovers card in Tarot.

It continues that the two sets of Twins were an emanation of the Throne of Glory and both “were like the image of Above“; that is, that they resemble the form of the visible form of the ”Divine Source”.

This defies the notion of both the male dominate ideal of God and the Source of all is completely one thing. This also points out that the “Karmic” is someone’s Twinflame or Soulmate and we all work together to heal one another.

Further Information

Due to her baby killer or snatcher association from other deities, the term “lullaby” derives from “Lilith-Abi” ( Hebrew for “Lilith, begone”). Jewish mothers would hang four amulets on nursery walls with the inscription “Lilith – abei” which means ”Lilith – begone”

The Lilith Triple Moon Goddess


Lilith in Astrology: The Triple Moon Goddess

Lilith isthe mirror Moon of our our Moon. Much like Eve to Ladee Lilith. She can also represent the 3 phases of a woman, The Triple Goddess.

Black Moon Lilith •Asteroid Lilith• Dark Moon Lilith

Asteroid Lilith This stage represents when Lilith wa suppressed, humiliated and flees to the desolate wilderness. The ”lower vibration” creates the ”false self”.

Dark Moon Lilith Fron the pain of her departure she plots and executes revenge. Living the entrapment of the pain, the ”false self”.

Black Moon Lilith The transmutation of her pain into a healthy expression. Shedding of the ”false self”.

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