Hey, my DFGF ( Divine Fem Girlfriend 🙋‍♀️) We are about to have a real talk.

In this weeks FFR Feminine Friday’s Reading the ”Divine Spirit” wanted us to dive into our ”divine feminine innergy” and energy. With Divine Union closing in we have to prepare ourselves in every way.

The focus is ”yoni transformation” from acceptance to healing to manifestation. I’m feeling like the next few FFR focus will be on this.

What is A Yoni?

In short, your Vageegee aka vagina. The portal to orgasmic ascension, the Holy Grail🙌

Healing My Yoni

Much of the healing will come before union. However, the continual release and ascension will occur during the sexual unification of the masculine and feminine.

Many of the Divine Feminine populous have to heal our sexual energy, our yoni’s to be emotionally, energetically and physically ready to accept our Divine Masculine’s inside.

The vision the “Divine Spirit” shown me was a Potters wheel. The Potter (Divine Feminine) using our foot to spine the wheel with a once hardened limp of clay on it. This hardened lump of clay represents both. The hardened ”yoni space” and ”heart space”. They work in tandem energetically.

The energy is hardened and stuck in these spaces, also called ”energetic blockages”. The ”Divine Spirit” then showed me the feminine hands moisturized or better yet, lubricated. She then starts to work out this hardened clay to mold it into this version of herself, the ”core being” is reveal and she operating in her ”inner higher self” ”innergy”.

My Yoni Space

This is how she is able to accept her divine masculine into herself. By softening both the ”heartspace” and ”yoni space”, with sexual energy.

Healing trauma, self confidence, SUBpression of the true self, being able to express herself fully. By being and living who she really is she is able to accept who her divine masculine truly is.

Working with Guardian Angel Daniel will aid in letting go of past pain and preconceived relation roles while activating they unconditional love. This Angel helps Twinflames with healing and accepting their ”life’s path” (article coming soon)

Personal Guidance from Your Guides


Continue “Fueling the Flame “. Love, 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂

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