This is Part 3 of Divine Union Series and Twinflame Starseed Bible Study.

Mark 10:9 ”What God has put together, let no one separate.”

I’ve heard this Scripture thrown around the pool pit and various conversations to attack divorcees.

The key word here is GOD, not man or any other being.

Like previously mentioned in our last Bible Study, being equally yoked is key to the union. Unlike, traditional relationships, Twinflame, and Divine Partnerships are formed in the ”heavenly realms” and ground into the physical.

God formed this union, not man.

Divine Beings we arrive into the ”3D experience” with a mission to break down the ”lower vibrational state” of the populous, this includes human judgment in its many forms.

We come in many different forms, shapes, sizes, colors, and so. Born into various types of families, circumstances, and vibrations.

And with this, we develop a multitude of ”false selves” to protect our ”core being”.And with the ”false identities,” we form bounds built upon this false reality, ”karmic partners” and situations support this reality.

These ”karmics” can also include marital partners. Which are not based on who one truly is, the ”higher self.”

I am not saying these partnerships and situations are not ordained by God, the Divine Spirit. Quite the opposite, because they are part of ”karmic burning”, which causes change.

So, thank them.

Because they help you arrive at the ”next level you” they’re basically peeling back the layers of the ”false self”.

So, through the ”awakening process,” you will continue to shed ideas, energies, and even relationships.

So if marriage is required in the physical for you to discover your ”inner higher self”, then so be it!

In the heavenly realms Twinflame, Divine Partners are already ”joined together” so the physical marriage serves as a ”karmic situation” to trigger the ”alchemical processing”.

This union is destined to manifest into the physical as part of the ministry of ushering in the ”new law”, the ”new earth”.

Many of us are or have been married but this was part of our ”divine life path”. We may be called to enter into such a union so we can enter into our true Union.

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