Every year, especially when it’s warm you can find me barefooted fitted in a park. You will also find a small group of Bees, Yellow Jackets and ladybugs on my shoulders and resting on my feet.

Bees carry many significant messages from the high vibrational hum of their wings to their colorful and dualistic exterior.

A visual reminder of strength, productivity, teamwork, dedication, sacrifice, and love the Bee has long been a symbolized these attributes.

When Bee appears in your life the Divine Spirit has great messages for you, you need only to pay attention to the signs.

Color Coding

The first noticeable feature of these tiny messengers are their dually colored exterior. Yellow is the color of victory and black is the void, dark matter, dark energy.

Dark energy is programmable matter, much like the mind. The message is that you have the victory over any circumstance if ”you only believe” aka have Faith THEKNOWING.

You also notice their huge bodies and small wings Aerodynamically they should not be able to fly but yet they do. This is a clear sign that you process the capability to do the impossible. (Philippians 4:13)


High Vibes

The complex and very steady wing flapping speaks to the high vibrational frequency. In the occult they symbolize wisdom.

The adventurous and productive Bee collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into the nourishing honey, which is the gold of bees. In Alchemy this would be the process of turn lead to gold.

You could be prompted to go on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. Mentally and spiritual transforming your mind and spirit from pollen to honey, from lead to gold.

Master Builders

The Honeycomb much like the complex and intricate folds of the brain.

The Honeycomb also represents the Heartspace because is the heart of the colony. When you see a honeycomb or Bees collected together or resenting near your heart on your body, you could be about to embark on a project near to your heart.

They are also impeccable architects and team players. To not only designing a remarkable structure such as a honeycomb but to physically build what was once in the imagination to creation. This echoes the ”divine concept” of the imagination being the All and the Creator by manifesting what was there.

A group or swarm of Bees could suggest meeting members of your ”soul family” or individuals that will affect your life in a major way.

Bees are very protective over the Hive, they would sacrifice their own life to save another’s. (Mark 12:31) They truly love their fellow Bee as they love themselves.

For the beloved Queen Bee, all the males serve only her which associates them with female deities and goddess energy.



They are solar powered ”Master Builders”. Lovers of the Sun and symbolic of the Sun energy in ancient cultures.

One of the precious gifts brought to Abraham from Venus delivered by Melchizedek, the High Priest also associated as the pre-incarnate Christ. These three gifts speak of the initiation process both mentally and spiritually. They include the bee (one serves), wheat(developing many out of one), and the mineral asbestos(channel of Divine Fire)

Social networking

The pollination process also symbolizes our internal need for socialization. Bees live and work as a community. Adventurers at heart they venture out to spread their high vibration called love.

Going from flower to flower, they enrich the world. Being the light of the world, light being consciousness. With this, they change the vibration of Gaia by spreading lovelight frequencies.


With their huge body and small wings as aforementioned Bees can also carry 300 times their weight, no burdens are too large. Upholding their agreed duties this could be a call to action to review your responsibilities.

  • Am I fulfilling my responsibilities?
  • Is there a change that needs to be made with my daily responsibilities?
  • Have I taken on too many responsibilities?

Vibe Hive

Community, community, compassion. Bees are all about la Familia, ”Soul Family” even earth family, friends and partners. Joining together for a common goal.

This common goal can range from a project or vision to expressing unconditional love. When in community, we are to open ourselves to the full expression and spectrum of love, and even giving at a higher frequency of forgiveness.

You may need to join in community now to learn and teach from one another. Life always has something new to give.

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  1. Wow that was beautifully said 💓 this afternoon while out getting lunch with my best friend and my 10 yearold daughter, we were in line outside in our vehicle at McDonald’s when all the sudden there were a huge swarm of bees in the air and around the vehicle, at first look we thought it was a bunch of pollen floating in air, but then it started to swarm the vehicle, so quickly put up and closed all windows. We were all just so amazed at what we were just looking at! It was an awesome experience, don’t really have the words to Express the amazement, but I feel grateful and thankful to have experienced it❤🙏💫 it definitely felt meaningful

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