My first real encounter with an Owl besides in a children’s story book was as a small child.

My grandmother lived in the modest house in country with a small stream through the woodland area.

I can recall at night feeling an ominous presence whenever I would gaze out the window towards that area at night which would lead to many dreams.

One in particular stood out. As usual I’m running in the woods with urgency but in this dream I stop at a crossroad.

I heard a sound and I look up to spot an Owl above my head in a tree on the right side which is pointed towards a path.

I take this path that leads to my usual dream of a house dark house which is holding the Spirit Animal that represents my Divine Masculine. I always rescues him in these dreams.


Not really, in the post we will be uncovering the many secrets both known and unknown about the ‘night eagle’, the Owl.


The nickname ‘The Night Eagle‘ has long been associated with the majestic bird the Owl. Very similar in some aspect of their body build, the Owl has impeccable sight in the darkness.

With both telescopic and microscopic vision that’s interchangeable with in a split second allowing them to spot small prey from miles away.

There eyes are fixed so they can’t roll their eyes however, their heads can rotate a full 270 degrees.

Being far sighted can mean they miss details but they can see ‘the big picture’ , ‘far into the future’ and the unknown.

What they can’t see they make up for it with their exceptional hearing. Due to their flat faces and unevenly places ears amplifies their hearing 10x. They can hear two separate sounds in two different directions.

So nothing gets past them.

GODDESS POWER: Athena, Minerva & Lilith

For these reasons a small Owl sat on the shoulder of Goddess Athena’s ‘blind side’ and her Roman counterpart, Minerva. Both goddesses are associated with wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

The Owl is thought of a an omen of good luck in the Greek culture. If an Owl was seen flying over an Army it meant an definite win.

Just like Athena can be characterized as both good or evil the same is true for Lilith. Lilith was Adams first wife has been known to be a bit of a rebel. She is also known to be winged or depicted as an Owl or with one, especially in Mid-evil times.



In the Mid-evil times Owls were seen as filthy, unlucky, and undesirable. It was believed that if one was sitting on the window seal or fence of a sick persons home, they was to shortly die.

In Art they represented ‘the unclean’ Jews that rejected the Christ. The Owl was viewed as unclean because they use their own dung to fortify their nests. Being that they are nocturnal and desire to live in graveyards and similar places.

With this much can be said. You could be called to check your cleanliness, if your being conceded and self serving or stubborn.

On the other hand Owl have a very unique digestive system. They can ingest a mouse whole however, within their system the ‘undesirable’ and undigestible parts are separated.  The owl creates pellets—the balls of undigestible bones and fur are then coughed up.

Within us all we have the capability to separate from what doesn’t serve us. This can be people, situations, habits, etc and take what we have learned from these instances to move forward in our ‘Spiritual evolution


The Owl can sit in silence and complete stillness. When it hunts their wings require very little movement and make no sound. They are nocturnal masters of stealth.

Our lesson here is that stealth over speed is more effective. Using ‘farsightedness‘ and observation to see the full picture. First by being still to receive the downloads and then making strategic moves will conserve our energy and ensures victory.

This could be a call to implementing a meditation practice, prayer or prayertation.


Owls are holders of the ‘Keys‘. These keys are initiation points that unlocks the next phase of our ‘spiritual evolution’.

They are spiritual Bookkeepers and researchers with the ability to decode mysteries and even teach it to others.

Unlocking chambers of forgotten knowledge and history. They hold the keys to ‘junk DNA’ and the Akashic Records.

They’re representatives of the Collective Consciousness and serves as a reminder that we are all connected. We can tap into this energy at any given time.



In the popular film, The Fourth Kind based off true events documented during sessions with real abductees. Many report seeing an Owl before the encounter.

Michael Clelland is an author of several books that detail his personal encounters with UFO’s and Aliens along with many other accounts.

Many described seeing and or recieving telepathic messages from an Owl before the encounter ranging in size of under a foot to 4 feet tall.

He believes that Owls are like a symbol or sign for the ‘greys‘ and not that the Owl is an actual Alien species.

In some Native American tribes the refer to the Owl as an Shapeshifter of the Skinwalkers.

He continues to say that reported Alien abductions and Shamanic initiations are very similar.

The given nickname of The Messenger derives from the fact that the Owl flies into the darkness and swells in the land of the dead but always comes back with a message.


An Feminine energy connected to the Moon, secrets, wisdom, meditation, discernment, prophetic gifts, telepathic abilities, shapeshifting, and the like.

In parts of Africa if an Owl is sitting on an persons home it is said that a powerful dark magician lives there.

In Finland it is said that the Owl represents a fool. While in Many tribes of Native America say that the Owl brings bad dreams and death.

A fun fact, on the American Dollar bill is an small Owl. I wonder what was the person or party trying to symbolically tell us? 🤔


When working with the Owl energy know that these birds are very powerful. And you could unlock hidden secrets within yourself.

They will open the closed off aspects of your psyche activating ‘the dark night of the soul’.

They are associated with ghosts, the dead and UFOs, so proceed with caution.

SHADOW SIDE: Sneaky, can lead actions and thoughts down the dark path, depression, anxiety, rejection,addictions and obsessive behaviors. (If not balanced)

It is said that putting an Owls feather in your doorway brings good luck and protection. A good spice to work with is Nutmeg and Ginger Root.

With the Owl in your shoulder you will see the big picture good for long term goals planning. And better hear you ‘inner higher voice‘ of guidance. You can move in silence efficiently with less effort after receiving new downloads.

In short, the Owl is a wonderful Spirit Animal to work with if you want to take your ‘spiritual evolution’ more seriously. The Owl is a great guide!

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Continue “Fueling the Flame 🔥“. Love, 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂💋

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