If your a true Sci Fi buff you have heard of Area 51 from blockbusters like Independence Day to the widely popular show X files.

Shots out to Skully and Mulder, mad props for shedding light on many hidden truths.

In this post I’ll be sharing several facts aboutArea 51 that no one’s talking about even with the sudden media focus. Let’s Decode what’s the real Message behind the hype.


The latest media uproar started when a guy named Matty Roberts, well get to the significance of the name in a minute.

He posted on Facebook event entitled “Raid Area 51”, which to date has a whopping 1.9 million attendees and growing.

So let’s start putting some pieces together.

In the late 1980s a man named Robert Lazar told a tv station in Las Vegas that he worked for a mysterious site called Area 51. He continued with his story of flying saucers and other exterrestrial activity happening there.

Photo Cred: & The Sun


ROBERT: Germanic meaning is ‘Bright Fame’

LAZAR: Hebrew for ‘God has helped’ This is the abbreviation for Lazarus. Lazarus was resurrected from the Dead by The Christ after being dead for 4 days, stared in the Biblical Text in the book of John 11th chapter.

Later, Robert Lazar was found to be a fraud, so maybe he just wanted his 15 minutes of fame, ‘bright fame’. Or could he be the ‘bright’ one to shine the light on the Area to ‘help’, ‘rise’ awareness and or ‘resurrect’ something being housed or transported in and out of there.

Now fast forward about 40 years late another guy with Robert in his name, is gaining a great deal of publicity ‘bright fame’ for Area 51.

  • As a side note the name Area 51 came about in the 1950s due to the 51 test sites.

The Location Says A lot

Area 51 is located in an extremely remote area called Rachel, Nevada in Lincoln county. The government doesn’t randomly choose places, everything has a precise meaning. Another decoding moment.


RACHEL: Hebrew for ‘ewe’ a female sheep, one that follows and obeys. Someone without a voice or feeedom to think, even the subpression of the feminine.

LINCOLN: An city in England meaning ‘lake,pool,colony’ The name is most popular for the 16th president Abraham Lincoln. His main focus was to abolish slavery and form an ‘Union’ with full equality.

Is this media focus driving energetic focus towards the voice of the Feminine? To have her finally heard to move the Collective closing to Union? And even Divine Union and the merging of Earth with Gaia.

Last Thought Before ‘Landing’ This Message 🛸

The meaning of the number 51, a few words in Hebrew hold the numeric value of 51 in certain texts of the Biblical Text.

  • Adam: Mankind, matter (Genesis 2:5)
  • Prison: Entrapment, restriction (2 Kings 16:4)
  • Fall: Failure, defeat (Proverbs 10:8)

Is there something imprisoned there? Maybe, even some form of life?


Sullam means Ladder and has the numerical value of 51.

This word is only used one time in the entire Biblical text in Genesis 28:10-19 in the story of Jacobs Ladder. The vision of the portal opening of interdimensional Angelic beans descending and ascending from higher realms.

In 2016 Google Earth images captured a suspicious 12 mile long landing strip.

Could this landing strip be an inconspicuous way to transport extraterrestrial weaponry and even life forms?


From the material I gathered, I feel that Area 51 is some form of a portal that transports higher light frequencies, like codes that carry radioactive energy.

This energy can be in the form of some type of Being. This can also be a bio weapons and technology.

This area is also a meeting ground for high ranking government officials with other high ranking galactic officials.

Very similar to Stargate or Jacobs Ladder, this portal or portals require high levels of radioactivity energy, hence the isolated location.

These energies are raising the frequency of Earth to merge with Gaia, rebirthing the feminine energy and allowing the subpressed voice to be heard. (High frequency aka pitches)


So many questions and no concrete answers. Until the government opens up with full disclosure one can only speculate.

As for the ‘Raid Area 51′ event I haven’t hit the ‘attending’ button as of yet. I’m good with Decoding from a distance.

I am interested to see what actually happens on the scheduled date, maybe the government will give us some intel. Or maybe ‘they‘ will show us something.

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Continue “Fueling the Flame 🔥“. Love, 𝓐𝓼𝓱𝓵𝓮𝔂💋

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