Universally known as the bird of beauty, grace, purity, and grace. But there’s many other meanings for this majestic creature.


Thought of as a symbol for solitude, a bird of life and and the elements of air and water. In Chinese culture the Swan is a solar bird and the symbol of yang.


Christians believe the swan to be a symbol of grace and purity, it symbolizes the Virgin Mary, much like the single Rose. But it is also listed as one of the unclean birds (Lev. 11:18; Deut. 14:16), is sometimes met with in the Jordan and the Sea of Galilee.

SIDE NOTE: In the Biblical Text the Swan being listed as both something pure; Virgin Mary and someone unclean is due to the alchemical meaning of the White Swan. Where the pure soul meets the impure, ‘surface level’ ‘false self‘, the ego.

In Hinduism, Paramahamsa translates to “Supreme Swanand is the vehicle for the god Brahma.

Also known as Hamsa (Swan), the symbol of the divine bird and the soul. Possessing the capability of separating milk from water once they have been mixed.

Symbolically meaning, although one may live in this world when they become a spiritually advanced being they can control their breaths energy so to only absorb pure vibrations from all energies and vibrations from this world. Thus the soul is freed from the lower vibrations of this world including earthly desires, obligations, fears etc because they have become one with God.


Besides the number 11:11, Swans are the official mascots of Twinflames. There’s no concrete reason why but my quests would be the fact that most mate for life, when two affectionately come together they form a heart like shape and their beauty and gracefulness floating on the waters surface.

They’re just wonderful watch, especially while being affectionate.


The White Swan represents the ‘marriage of the opposites’. Swans are rarely seen in flight but rather floating on the surface of calm waters, this stage of the Alchemist development is known as The White Swan. This speaks to the souls evolutionary state, the souls surface.

The Alchemist begins their spiritual journey much like the Fool Card in Tarot, with a surface level understanding of thyself, the inner world and life. This is better known as the ‘false self‘ but with the first introduction to ‘etheric world’, ‘higher self’ something is forever changed, this initial spark is known as The White Swan.


The Black Swan is the official symbol for the state of Western Australia.  Until it’s discovery, all swans were thought to be white. Thought to be formed from dark magic due to its rarity.

Black Swans represent the 1.4%ers of The Collective. The rarest of the Twinflame and Divine Partner Group. Holding the ability to not only transmit new information but to digest and converse the information so the lower tiers of the Collection can digest the frequencies. This would be called putrefaction in alchemy, the process of ‘destroying‘ the former to creation something new.

Black Swans of The Collective burn much of the ‘collective karma‘ and transmute that energy into high vibratory energy for the masses. They also the of ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy‘.



  • A Swan or group of Swans plumaging toward water this means great wealth and prosperity.
  • Dreaming of Swans making a heart shape or kissing or being affectionate represents a marriage or reunion.
  • A swan or swans singing or making noises represents inhuman treatment of the individuals in the Collective or masses of people.
  • Dreaming of a wounded Swan, is a symbol of deep sadness or hidden pain.
  • To see flying Swans, is a symbol of prosperity and higher awakening states of consciousness.
  • A Swan being caught symbolizes entrapment by a bigger cause or unwanted commitment.
  • Dreaming of Black Swans represents a purification of The Collective Body and a rise in consciousness.
  • Dreaming of a black swan and a white swan symbolizes a balancing of energy with families, a couple or peace.
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