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Roaming from Sea to Sea and yard to yard, these hard shelled creatures have much to tell us about ourselves.

From awakened state to the vast dreamworld.

  • Longevity
  • Faithfulness
  • Peace
  • Quietness
  • Stillness
  • Determination
  • Free Will
  • Going Within
  • Truth Seeker
  • Gentleness
  • Happiness
  • Cold Blooded
  • Night vision
  • Victory in Battle
  • Tough Skin
  • Migration
  • Group Activity

Not well known for their vocalization Tortoises process the ability to transmit low frequencies between their mate. This vocalizing aid both freshwater and sea turtles in migration. This ‘soul call’ is a call for all ‘soul family‘ including Twinflames and Divine Partners to Unite.

The Black Tortoise or Black Turtle is one of the Four symbols of the Chinese constellations. Usually depicted as a turtle entwined together with a snake.

What Does it Mean When You Dream About Turtles

In general, turtles in your dream symbolize motherhood, wisdom, loyalty, spiritual evolution or even secretly wanting to be pregnant.


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