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Maybe you have heard the popular and child friendly tale of a guy sleeping and dreaming of Angels climbing up and down a ladder. Or the more modern day version riding an escalator.

Okay, so what does this have to do with Consciousness or even spiritual evolution?

Let’s break it down, real quick!


Jacobs Ladder

13 is the Key, the completion of a task or a karmic cycle. The vibration of The Christ and faith. The crowning of the lion in Alchemy with is the crowning of The Christ, the highest form of consciousness in this 3D experience.

Both literally and metaphorically described in the Biblical Text found in Genesis 28:10-19. Jacob while in a dreamlike state seen angels both descending and ascending from the heavenly realms. The number 13 is closely related to this occurrence for the 13th realm represents the unknown secrets.

Later in the story Jacob wrestles with an angel and is blessed with the name Israel (IS•RA•EL) and anointed. The angel also touched Jacobs hip which caused him to walk with a limp for the rest of his life.

Jacob names the place Penuel (or Pniel, Pnuel; and also called Peniel “Face of God.) these names are very close to the Pineal Gland the physical representation of the Third Eye.

This is a great example of how blessings and Divine wisdom and authority can be given through a form a physical sacrifice as represented by the number 13.


Well, this actual extends past 7 but there are more than just 7 Chakras.

Just the same for the ladder aka the spine having more than just 7 vertebrate. The ladder or escalator represents the spine.

While Jacob was ‘sleep‘ meaning unconscious to the spiritual realms his ‘Astro body or mind‘ was ‘awakened‘. Then his ‘eye’ was opened to see his consciousness from another, higher perspective.

He then possessed the ability to see the ‘innergies’ aka Angels at work. The ‘lower vibrational energy‘ was ascending while the ‘higher vibrational energy‘ descending. Somewhat of an energetic exchange.

The wrestling with the man or angel or god in some renditions, is Jacob wrestling with his own ‘conscience mind‘. We can pretty much all relate to battling our thoughts or ‘weighing the options‘.

Ephesians 6:12

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.


Sullam means Ladder and has the numerical value of 51, which is spelled Samech, Lamed and Mem.

Samech:means to support, to twist slowly, to turn, or to assist.

Lamed: means to control, to urge forward, to have authority, or it means the voice of authority.

Mem: can be chaotic mighty waters of destruction like a tsunami or gentle water coming down like a stream. It refers to the living waters and the word of God that brings life.

This word are only used one time in the entire Biblical text in Genesis 28:10-19 in the story of Jacobs Ladder. The vision of the portal opening of interdimensional Angelic beans descending and ascending from higher realms.


Each of the 7 Chakras have a spectrum of light ranging from red to indigo, better known as a rainbow.

Each one of these ‘wheels‘ encases a ‘frequency spectrum’, a lower vibration and a higher vibration.

When these frequencies harmonize or balanced the gateways of each Chakra is unlocked. This process is also known as The Kundalini rising or Awakening Process.

In the story of Jacobs ladder the ‘energies’ or Angels represent the Kundalini energy. While the ladder or escalator is the spine or alignment of the Chakras. The ascending and descending Angels is the harmonizing or balancing for each Chakra.

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