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Hi there, DiViNE Ones

The Communication Cortex:

This is not technically a Chakra but I was led to dive into the Throat Chakra but the phrase ‘COMMUNICATION CORTEX” came up.

The Cortex is the outer layer of the cerebrum (the cerebral cortex ) in the Brain.

Origin: late Middle English: from Latin, literally ‘bark’.

So with the DiViNE Spirit is saying that Communication is layed in many ways just as the ‘bark’ and other layers of a tree.

We have typical communication learned reactions, gestures, and so on. This would be considered the ‘bark’ Hence the state ‘to have thick skin’, meaning to have a tough exterior aka to develop the ‘false self’.

SIDE NOTE: The primary purpose of the bark is to protect the soft layers under the bark. These soft layers contain nutrients from the roots transported to the rest of the body of the tree.

It is not the bark that gives the tree life however it does serve an important purpose. Without the bark the pappy innermost parts would be exposed to the harshness of the environment.


It’s so funny, as I write this post it was supposed to be posted last week for Therapeutic Thursday’s however the Divine Spirit had another plan.

Just last night I was speaking to one of my lil Angels about being an empath. His father was telling him he needed to ‘build a force field, a hard exterior’.

I told him it is extremely difficult to build a ‘hard exterior’ when being an Empathic is one of your spiritual gifts it’s almost like a super power. Oh course his eyes brighten when I said this.

During a brief pause in the conversation I thought of this post and the ‘Cortex’ aka the ‘bark’. We as Empaths must put on a protective shield of some sort daily to protect our sensitive ‘core being’ while still being open to heal others.

I continued to describe his ‘super power’ and the higher aspect of this power is the ability to absorb others lower ‘vibrational energies’ and transmute it which leads to healing and freedom for the ‘dis•eased’ one.

However, the lower aspect is when you take on others energy, much like slipping on someone else’s big, thick, heavy, cumbersome coat and walking around with it on continually. Then putting on someone else’s coat over top of that one and so on. Soon the burden will be come too heavy to carry.

This is just a simple anology to explain Empaths and energy.

And yes this short story ties in perfectly with the communication cortex.


Just as trees absorb what consists of the environment surrounding them so do Empaths.

The anology of the tree’s ‘bark’ is the amour of the tree such an ‘energy shield’ for the Empath.

The innermost nutrient dense parts of the tree is the equivalent to the ‘core being’ of an Empathetic individual.

Now with the protective exterior it has to be differentiated between the ‘false layers’ and the ‘true self’.

When one is living in the ‘false layers’ they are not living in their true power which is their true self, their ‘higher self’ grounding.

However, one that’s fully in alignment with their ‘core being’ their exterior is only a 3D projection of the ‘inner higher self’, absolute harmony.


One of our family’s favorite pass times are watching movies, especially superhero movies. X-men has always been one of my favorites.

So I used one of the commonly known superheroes names Rogue. She has the ability to take on any ones power with just one touch of her flesh. I explained to him that just like Rogue can take on another’s super power this too is the unique ability of Empaths.

Even heroes have to protect themselves. And by doing so they ensure they can help many more individuals by first helping themselves.

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