Hello, DiViNE Ones!

So, let’s chat about this powerful Full Moon in Aries energy!!!

Earlier this year we had an powerful New Moon in Aries


Take a moment to reevaluate where and who you are now from the Aries New Moon earlier this year.

Except from the Aries New Moon on April 5th 2019

SIDE NOTE: This would be the Aries Action Code. The code, like an access code to move forward because you have access. many of us, the Divine Ones will be given the “keys” the “access code” to proceed (hearing: light Years) ahead of the general populous.


    What ‘light codes’ did I receive?
    Any new revelations about my life and or identity?
    What things have I changed in my life?
    Did I end negative habits?
    Did I start a new helpful routine?
    Did I detach from anyone that was blocking my ability to achieve success in some way?
    Have I discovered or reawakened any new skills, talents or gifts?
    If so, what am I doing to support them and use them for the good of The Collective?

I can say for myself I have received many downloads and epiphanic moments.

I find it funny that this Full Moon is on the 13th of October. The number 13 deals with the energy of Saturn and discipline.

Saturn is reorganizing and establishing within us all a new person, a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17)

You have been faithful over a little (Luke 16:10) now your are prepared to be faithful over much! You have passed the test!


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