The greatest love ever known is the love of the self.

Some would call this being selfish….But is this wrong?


We are taught and ingrained with the energy of Codependency.

This keeps a person dependent on someone or something outside of themselves.

You haven’t been gifted the spirit (energy) of fear (codependency) but that of power, love and self discipline. (2 Timothy 1:7)

Being selfish, self centered, balanced within the self is mandatory and required for self-mastery.

After one has shed the layers of the ‘false self‘ then one being centered in the self can become selfless. (1 Corinthians 13:4-7)

Merging into Oneness

Since I was a young girl I would receive downloads like glimpses of this love. A love like I’ve never experienced or ever known.

As an adult I lost that feeling, my ‘vision of love’ blocked from years of codependent behavior and thought patterns.

I drifted so far from this love I almost lost my way. After meeting my Twinflame the light flipped back on and that feeling, that knowing returned, like when I was a child.


I was meeting myself for the time, and… I really like her.

Merging into Oneness with your ‘higher self’ and the DiViNE Spirit, forming a trinity; is the same process for merging with your DiViNE partner.

The more I learn about myself, the more I love her. The is the same from my Twinflame, because I’m learning him when I learn myself, this where the compatibility forms and streams down into the earthly realms.

To soul to soul equates to heart to heart embodiment of this love.

So, to answer the question will you ever be happy in a relationship, the answer is yes!

Just learn and know yourself and the love you seek you will find in a multitude of ways.



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