JOY vs HAPPINESS| What It Means To Be Joyful

Earlier today, I was thinking 🤔  about JOY!

Not a person but the state of being joyful. (Philippians 4:11-13)

Joy is a state of alignment with Source. Being aware of one’s emotions but not ruled by them nor the worldly experience.

Happiness is evoked by a pleasurable or satisfying experience.

Meaning be ‘balanced’ much like The High Priestess Card.

High vibrational doesn’t mean always smiling, laughing, skipping around in forced happiness


It means ‘knowing thyself’, knowing who you are at the ‘core being’ and being in alignment with that regardless of your emotions (energy in motion)

We are given emotions to use as a tool for connecting with The DiViNE Spirit and our Guides, not to be ruled by them.

We are not here on Earth to always be happy but to always be joyful. Being ‘in flow’ is allowing the DiViNE Spirit to lead and guide you on your ‘life’s journey‘. 

Whether in happiness or sadness the swing of the pendulum from left to right you still have the foundation of joy!


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