June 2020 Monthly ASTRO-INTUITIVE Message

Starting the month off with a Lunar Eclipse on June 05 at 15° in SAGITTARIUS, which is the same sign the South Node is currently in.
The next 6 months carries the theme of releasing and transformation of healing the masculine energy through the Feminine awakening.
Last month during the New Moon in Gemini we entered into a 2222 Portal of Masculine and Feminine merge.
On May 13th Venus went retrograde but will station direct on June 25. During the Eclipse Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and war will be in a trying position with Mars, another God of war. Venus is agitated due to rising before sunrise as ‘the morning star’.
Here we have Mars the masculine energy facing off with Venus the Feminine energy.

Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn went retrograde earlier this Spring, joining them will be Neptune on June 23rd. Questions about our boundaries and values maybe tested.
I want to bring our attention to Chiron which entered Aries February 18th last year, the ‘Wounded Healer’ that orbits between restrictive Saturn and liberating Uranus.

Accepting ourselves and developing confidence through self awareness. Breaking codependency and self sacrificing behaviors by acknowledging our own wounds.
Mercury entered into Cancer on May 28th and will go retrograde on the 18th. And then on June 21st the Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

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