This weekly Astro Intuitive report is totally focused on the Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15° of Sagittarius on June 05, 2020.

The South Node is still getting comfortable in the same sign, through this Eclipse energy it speeds up change.This is the first of three Eclipses happening back to back to back, a revolving door of intense energy.

Usually there’s only two in the season however, the astrogods decided to throw another in during this season to add to this already transformative year.

Relations are the primary focus, like a magnifying glass honing in on the ‘small things’

The Sun is in Gemini, which in the North Node and opposite in the South Node is the moon in Sagittarius.

The New Moon in Gemini started something, a new beginning to something bigger. Maybe small pieces of information started to come to you, downloads, inspirations, clues or hunches.

Fast forward to this Eclipse that illuminates and magnifies those smalls pieces or sparks of inspiration so now they start to make more sense, but still may not be completely clear.

Gemini is information and diversity and can be an overload. While Sagittarius zooms out and upward to examine the information to pinpoint the sensible and practical use that information gathered.

Sagittarius is also the planet of expansion, the right brain, intuition and personal truth.Venus went retrograde in Gemini, it’s Esoteric ruler on May 12 and is now conjunct the Sun.

Choices in relationships, aligning with destined partnerships and life paths.

The moon is the ’emotional body’, our feelings are heightened and easily triggered; especially now being in a Tsquare to Ceres, Mars and Neptune, which all in Pisces.

Mars and Neptune are the 6th Ray of ‘devotion and idealism’ in Esoteric Astrology.Ceres moved into Pisces on April 23rd and will be here until September 27th. Ceres is in charge of uplifting humanity, aiding Ascended Masters.

The ‘Great White Brotherhood of Light’ or the ‘Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth’, who are members of the Heavenly Host’s. Also connected to the Christ, believing to be where He was sent from.

Ceres, also connected to grief is sandwiched between Mars and Neptune in Pisces. There can be some disillusionment surrounding truth, personal beliefs or belief systems, and being devoted to ideals and or relationships that aren’t good for us. It can be difficult and even painful to accept the truth.

The ’emotional body’ is further tested.

In Sidereal Astrology this Eclipse takes place in the Scorpio and Taurus axis. Insecurities, intense mood swings, fears and even money changes not just personally but can effect the Global Markets (good/bad)are some examples of how this may play out for some.


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