Hello DiViNE Ones This is the weekly Astro-INTUITIVE message for June 8-15, 2020. 

This week there’s really no major transitions happening except for on Saturday June 13 Mars conjunct Neptune can be a bit of a nag, for those who are Empaths or sensitive at this time.

Mars, the energy of aggression, action and even sexual energy paired with Neptune, some may feel a bit sentimental, nostalgic even romantic. While, for others this can play out as paranoia, disillusionment and wanting to act on this energy. This can led to gambling, risk taking or even being taken advantage of by scammers. 

This energy can be felt into midweek of next week. If you feel as strong urge to ‘step out on a limb’ maybe just ask for some advice from a trusted a friend or just wait it out.

We just rolled out of the partial Lunar Eclipse that happened on June 5th in the fiery sign of Sagittarius.

We are headed straight into another powerful Eclipse on the 21st of June, the 2nd of 3 over the course of 6 weeks. This will be a Solar Eclipse that takes place in Cancer.

We are currently sandwiched between powerful lunar and solar energies. The moon heightens our emotions, desires, hidden truths and influences the general population. While the sun is our drive, ego, conscious actions and rules over the governmental structures of world societies, leaders and “the powers that be”.

The Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius magnified our feelings and subconscious thoughts surronding love, relationships, fairness, judgements and called for us to question our beliefs, agendas and truths.
Transitioning into the next Eclipse in Cancer, the sun dissects the ego. Dismantling self identification, Cancer is the home; the home is where we feeling most comfortable, we feel fully ourselves. With this energy some maybe moving homes, shifting out of careers, letting go of old, outdated ego driven relationships and identities.

This is an opportunity to heal childhood traumas that have been embedded in the ego. Eclipses are a time to ‘let go and let God’, the DiViNE will work on your behalf, no forceful action is required.

 A golden rule to take note of is at least one week before and after an Eclipse you shouldn’t, if possible make any life altering decisions, these cycles will naturally remove things out of your life-path without your direct energy. Any career, job, relationship, home, ect will be naturally disrupted the in momentum of your life-path that shake loose those hindrances and change the direction of your life.

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