This week’s Astro-Intuitive message spans from June 15-June 22. Just two weeks ago the partial Lunar Eclipse happened in the fiery, philosophical sign of Sagittarius.

This week is yet another powerful week.

On Thursday June 18th Mercury goes retrograde in the warm nurturing sign of Cancer. This is the ‘RE’ period… from June 17th-July 12th is a time to REview, REdo, REbirth. Not the best time for signing important documents or making any pertinent written or verbal agreements. Being that Mercury is in Cancer, this specifically focuses on family and home matters. This could mean you need to reorganize your home, changing up household chores, switching up family activities, finding new meal prep recipes, balancing household finances.

This is the perfect time to go within to examine what has taken place since the last retrograde phase, which was February 17th to March 10th. You may need to review or tweak a project or rethink something you thought was right or wrong at one point but now maybe your stance has shifted. This is also a call to reevaluate your relation-ships, especially with Venus still in retrograde until the 25th.-Me personally I am completely recreating the Spiritual Business Startup Academy. 

These retrograde planets are given us (those who are small business owners) an extra boost with Saturn in Aquarius at 0° quincunx this upcoming Eclipse. This interaction along with Jupiter bring justice and expansion in dependable Capricorn is building ANEW standard and structure that shifts commerce from Big Business to smaller more intimate business and trade. 


This Solar Eclipse happens at 0° of Cancer which is on Fathers Day and on the Summer Solstice. This is significant because the Sun signifies the Father in the Astros and this Eclipse is in Cancer, which embodies the motherly energy.

Solar eclipses targets leaders and rulers such governments, big corporations and the like; while the Lunar Eclipses focuses on the general population. This is the REBiRTH of the constructs of society through the Feminine energy

This Eclipse happens at the 0°Point, the zero is the symbol of rebirth and the yoni.This is the 2nd to last Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse in this cycle, which began in 2018. Officially the nodes will be settling to Gemini/Sagittarius lasting until 2022.


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