This week’s Astro-Intuitive message spans from June 22nd-June 29th.

This week is yet another powerful week.
•Neptune retrograde on the 23rd
•Venus Direct on the 25th
•Mars enters Aries on the 27th

Part of the Collective will be downloading new Information from their Guides and upgrades with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. The veil is being thinned for those who are receptive to this new energy.

These downloads will aid the world in awakening and for them personally, Mars in Aries will give them drive to move forward in the direction of their Lifepath.

Venus direct in Gemini, its esoteric ruler, is asking us to take the values we learned from the retrograde cycle and apply them to our relation-ships, money matters and personal well being.

Great energy for psychic communication with your Twinflame//Divine Partner

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