The Mother: The Inner Warrior~New Moon in Cancer

The Mother: Polarity to Unity New Moon in Cancer~THE LIONESSES

The New Moon on July 20, 2020 is in the sign of Cancer which is the Mother Feminine energy, naturing, producing new life and evolution.

Theres so much Divine Feminine Goddess awakening energy up-roaring right now!

When most people think of naturing the image is usually the one of hugs, kisses and gentleness, which is only one side of the Mother.

But this new moon will illuminate the other side of the Mother, the mother that will fight to defend her young at any means necessary!

This new moon is opposite Saturn at 28° ,both are CARDINAL SIGNS, signs that desire to take action.
The 28 (2+8) is 10, the beginning and end of something, a Karmic shift, a Cosmic shift, a paradigm shift.
The 10/10 shift, this can even be viewed as an exchange for something.

A little give and take, or giving of an old habit in exchange for a new better habit that can lead to a life changing outcome.
The polarity, this exchange or shift will result in a huge massive change not just in the world but in our personal lives.

Lets rewind to the Capricorn Lunar eclipse on July 4, this eclipse happened at 13° Cancer & Capricorn, 13 is both a feminine number and a number of discipline.

Cancer New Moon the Lionesses

With this past eclipse the Divine Feminine energy gained strength in her femininity and became more aligned with her inner strength.

With the help of the Goddess ISIS she activated more independence on the day known as INDEPENDENCE Day, a day celebrating the masculine archetype.

Now, with this new moon, the Mother is ready to defend what is hers!

For you personally this could be taking your individual power back, changing the atmosphere in your home, actually raising children, starting a business, changing careers, fighting in a sense, for some cause that your passionate about.

Whatever the cause you are supported by the planets.!

Not saying its going to be easy with Saturn in the mix.

Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries, the lesson of the wounded healer and teacher. This is the mother Energy here again, the nurturer.

Chiron is the father of healing medicine, that’s offering a remedy to the added responsiblities from all the growth and expansion that’s happening.

The Feminine roar doesn’t stop, another wonderful day on July 22, 2020 exudes the ‘powerful mother’

Mercury sextile Uranus is freedom to share your thoughts whether you have been holding tongue because of your own fear to express that aspect of yourself or being held capitive by your the judgment of other.

Allow your voice be heard!

Even if you’re just having a really nice chat with yourself. Still acknowledge it.

The strong feminine leaders will you please step up!!!! The world platforms, media outlets, your communities, your family, everyone wants to hear you.

With the Sun bursting through the sign of Leo, the Lioness can roar and be heard around the world.
In your personal life you may feel this energy of support and encourgment to be bold and confident.

For the Spiritual Boss Babes this is excellent every for success and pushing forward with completing an old task or starting a new endeavor.

Goddess video reading

The Amazon feminine Warrior star, Bellatrix is the quick thinking, fast talking, all inspiring energy you need to push it forward. If you have been feeling like throwing in the towel, this energy won’t have it! This is the ‘tough motherly love‘ to get you up and going.

Little Dog, Sirius A, Procyon is on the scene. She is the star of good fortune, fame and wealth and known for giving spiritual power(s).

Just during the Capricorn Lunar eclipse her partner Sirius B came through, so her presence can still be felt.

And let us not forget the beautiful Venus who the in the shadow period until the 29th.

However, our universe is made of polarities. When we see these show up in the world around us this is a call to recognize the shifts that are taking place, this is the grand design playing out in our world to bring a beautiful change!

Oh, she’s is now the Morning Star, which the more agitated aspect of her personality.
We may see more of the polarities played out in the world and our everyday lives through this new moon and continuing through the remainer of this year.


This is Combination of New Moon reading, ASTRO Tarot Weekly and the Feminine Friday’s in one message. Check you later next week!


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