Really Read & Understand the Scriptures Deep Meanings

how to truly read and decode the Sacred Scriptures to gain Divine insight into personal truths and ancient wisdom to better know the times of the past and for the times that lay ahead.

you ever wondered if the words of Ezekiel, Moses, Peter, Jesus (Yahusha) parables, visions and stories carried more wisdom than what most could uncover?

if your like me you enjoy digging for hidden treasures concealed within the pages of these texts. if so, keep reading!

the Acronym PARDES is a biblical exegetical tool or technique applied while reading the texts primarily used by rabbis. however, I will be adding a few extras that will provide more insight to each text you apply this technique to, guaranteed.

this method is a Template that can be applied to any text


The Forbidden Fruit

PARDES means both orchard and paradise. Orchards are where apples grows the reference to “forbidden fruit” being an apple starred in Antiquity as a pun.

the Garden of Eden is also referred to Paradise. after Adam and Eve were banished from the secret garden it became an inaccessible place much like majority of the knowledge locked inside the Biblical Text.

for most this knowledge is forbidden, the fruit is untouchable and hard to digest

Ashley H.A. Williams

traditionally, the acronym PARDES goes as follows.

  • P (Peshat) meaning “surface”.
  • R (Renez) meaning “hints”, deeper, symbolic.
  • D (Derash) meaning “inquire”, seek.
  • S (Sod) meaning “secret”, mystery, esoteric or mystical.

one can glean a great amount of insight using this acronym but I would like to refer back to the word in which it derives from, Paradise.

The Paradise Method

using the same PARDES however adding the missing letters from the word Paradise.

A (Astrology) most if not all of the scriptures contain an Astrological root burrows beneath the surface.

A (Anatomy) Esoterically much of the texts have symbolism pointing to various part or stages of the human anatomy or Alchemical processes.

I (Individual) The entire Biblical Text is centered around the reader. always recognize yourself in the text.

E (Evolution) the overall purpose of this and other sacred texts are to evolve both the reader and humanity. without evolution a species would die out.


in this section we will put The Paradise Method to the test with several well know scriptures.

MATTHEW 7:7 The Door Opened

The Paradise Method-Door

P (Peshat) very basic, someone approaches a door that’s closed just knock. however, most would speculate that this is more symbolic.

A (Astrology) the Door referenced is the Zodiac Wheel that unlocks certain energies at appointed times.

R (Remez) once again this scripture is pretty clear that the Door is symbolic.

A (Anatomy) in this particular scripture the Door can reference the Pineal Gland, the suppressed or mishandled sexual energy or as high lightened in the diagram above, is the Vocal Box, this the power of creation through sound ( 1 John 1 “In the beginning was the Word)

D (Derash) here I want to focus on the numbers 777. Matthew is the discipline connected to the number 7th the 7th chapter and verse. this number is a Door or portal to the Angelic realms.

I (Individual) individually one personal Natal placements and how the ever moving energies from the Zodiac wheel effect them. this is the true meaning of “know thyself” because “as above, so below“.

S (Sod) we did a pretty good job reveling the mystery of the scripture but to add an additional layer is that there is a Door, a barrier between ones earthly self and their spiritual self that most are not aware of.

E (Evolution) through every individual knowing their personal Zodiac Wheel the Door will be open to everyone’s high expression of themselves.

The Good Shepherd

The Paradise Method _The Good Shepherd

P (Peshat) very basic, a good Shepherd is the caregiver of the Flock. he leads, protects and provides for the Sheep.

A (Astrology) the Shepherd is Capricorn the 2nd phase of the mountain Goat that climbs and strives to ascend upward in consciousness.

R (Remez) the Shepherd is Christ and the Flock are those that follow His teachings.

A (Anatomy) this is a reference to the Spine. as the trapped energy in the “valley of the shadow of death” of you “fear no evil” the energy will rise to the “green pastures” of the mind.

D (Derash) the word Psalm in Hebrew is (mizmor), according to Strongs, this Hebrew word is derived from the זמר which means “to pluck“. this verb is used for the “plucking” of fruit or “plucking” a stringed instrument.

the book is notes to be entirely about songs pretty much but I like to play on the word pluck, like plucking fruit free a tree. here one could dive further into this psalm.

I (Individual) individually one that follows the Shepherd through the rocky terrain to the green pastures will be protected and provided for.

S (Sod) pretty much covered in the previous steps without making this post too long with a fully study.

E (Evolution) without a full study you can see the importance of having great leaders, Shepherds in the World to help evolve humanity.

The Heart, Sun & Son

The Paradise Method _the Heart Sun and Son

P (Peshat) very basic, protect your Heart and emotions.

A (Astrology) Leo is associated with the Heart and the zodiac house for the Sun. Sun represents where our focus is and the Heart is the passion and both makes all life possible.

if the Sun burns too hot it will kill life becoming the destroyer just as too much passion will kill a dream.

R (Remez) once again this scripture is pretty clear that the Heart is symbolic of emotion.

A (Anatomy) take care of your health. exercise and not to overwork.

the Heart has a brain of its own and meditation can help connect to ones person Heart harmonics

D (Derash) this scripture in Hebrew refer to borders of territories or the boundaries of a sacred city, surrounding the heart because it is sacred.

like a Lion the Heart is a leader and will guide the course of a path of the person, so protecting the Heart is very important.

I (Individual) this ties into Astrology, locate your Sun sign this is how you identify to the World. one can also locate their 5th house of their Natal chart, because Leo is the 5th house to gain understanding your romantic life, social life and passions.

S (Sod) deep truths already stated without going into too much detail.

E (Evolution) the Heart is one of the main ways how the Collective Conscious connects one to another.

The Paradise Method in Closing

by using The Paradise Method you can uncover many deep precious hidden gems within the deep rich soil of the Biblical Text.

“Let No Stone Go Untuned…” so many truths revealed and yet can lead to even more questions.

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