Libra Full Moon|| The Prodigal Sun Returns

this fulll Moon is in the sign of Libra this Sunday (Sonday) is resurrection sunday as the Sun has “return” to it begining spot to be resurrected.

The Prodigal Sun Has Return

this Prophetic Reading is centered around the biblical story of The Prodigal Son. he went on a journey of self discovery after losing his inheritance from his father he returned broken expecting his father to reject him. however, his father was overjoyed and return him to his place of glory.

although his brother stayed there with his father his father never lost any respect or love for the son that left. even his brother was jealous venting at the Prodigal’s celebration to his father, but his father said we should rejoice because the son that was lost has returned.

your “Prodigal Son” could be money you loss that’s returning back to you. or maybe a love or friend that left but will be returning back to the connection at some point.

just like the Prodigal son had to find himself we all have to find ourselves to live to our full potential and no one should be held back from that gift, the father understood this.

instead of having hatred or bitterness in your heart like the brother be more forgiving like the father when your Prodigal son returns.

Esoteric Note

the Sun has returned to the beginning in Aries the ram, the sacrifice. (Ephesians 5:2) like the Prodigal “sun” traveled out (Luke 8:1), the Sun travels the zodiac wheel back to Aries, where the Sun is exalted, the Son (Sun) resurrected. Resurrection Sonday (Sunday) alway happens after the Spring Equinox in the Ram, the sacrifice in the sign Libra. in-between the Full Moon in Libra and the New Moon in Aries, the Ram.

Libra is the sign about fairness, equality and balance in relationships. the Son, the Christ came to be a sacrifice, the judge, restorer of peace and was risen on the 3rd day, the highest point in the sky for all to see. (Revolution 1:7)

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