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the majestic creature with an angelic flare, the Dove has long been revered as a graceful bird connected to love, purity and peace.

this connection first form with the mythical story of the Mesopotamian goddess, Ishtar followed by the Roman goddess story of Aphrodite. both goddesses are associated with love, beauty, war and wisdom.

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The Dove Awakens Inner Wisdom

in the book of Matthew 3:16 the Christ was baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist. there a Dove descended from heaven and ascended after the gift of wisdom was awakened within Christ.

here the act of the Dove descending and ascending represents “as above so below” paired with the number 3:16 from the verse, when reversed is 613, the number of Divine wisdom. the wisdom, power and spiritual gifts that laid dormant within Christ were awakened by the Holy Spirit.

as the Dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit as Christ was awakened and empowered to embark on His spiritual journey first starting with a test in the Desert for 40 days.

in this instance the Dove represents not only the Holy Spirit but power, strength, wisdom and awakening; offering insight and preparation for a testing task.

The Dove & The Promise

the Dove first made her appearance in the book of Genesis as one that brought the fulfillment of a promise. the Dove is paired with two powerful symbols; one being the Olive Branch and the other being the Rainbow.

after 40 days a Dove was sent out by Noah on the Ark and then the Dove returned with an Olive Branch. here the Dove represents purification (the number of 40) , fulfillment of a Divine promise, faithfulness, and provision.

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