The Finger of God in Your Life✨

the May overall energy welcomes in much change. the transformation continues with this Taurus ♉️ New Moon takes place in the 3rd Declan of Taurus at 21°

the Sabian Symbol for this degree is The “Finger Pointing to a Open Book” much like “The Finger of God

Scripture focus: the story in Daniel 5:30 where “The Finger of God” Prophets , Magus and the Seer’s activation.

New Moon in Taurus

TAROT CARD: The Lovers Card | the card of Gemini ♊️ connected to Mercury. this month Gemini is highlighted especially, since the North Node is in Gemini

NEW MOON CARD: Seven of Coins | 3rd Declan of Taurus. Harvest, Patience and Progress.

All the Change

The Finger of God is stirring things in your life especially in the mind and heart transmute the old outdated beliefs, habits and ideologies that won’t fit in your new life.

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