June 2021 Energy |Astro • Tarot • Prophecy

continuing the momentum from the Super Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius from last month which highlighted the Notal Axis. this energy continues with the Gemini Solar Eclipse on the 10th of June.

June Energy Overview

Healing Our Relation-ships

last month we were challenged to let go of old beliefs that blocked our blessings with the Lunar Eclipse. now we can download a new idea of how to relate to those in of life with this Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

another thing to be mindful of is that more online debacles can take place with this energy as the tug-of-war between Sagittarius and Gemini themes and ideas play out.

Moon Energy

this can show up in the family and personal life dynamics. but especially in the arenas of Social Media platforms, Media, and Politics with battles for who is “right” will heat up.

June Astro Events

Astro Events June 2021

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