Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | Capricorn Full Moon

the Full Moon in Capricorn takes place at 4° on June 24th. you can gain a bit more clarity about a cycle unfolding in your life at this time by taking a look at the Capricorn New Moon energy from January of this year.

Capricorn Full Moon 2021


KEYNOTE: The ability to use natural resources and basic skills in order to achieve a group-purpose.

Full Moon Reflections

1) what were you focusing on at the time of the Capricorn New Moon earlier this year?

2) who were you building with; who were the key players in your life at that time? how did they add or take away from what you were building?

3) what did you build up to this point; did you accomplish your overall goal?

5) what practical steps can you take to form a more structured outcome?

the Gemini Eclipse highlighted the Gemini and Mercury energy; THE GOD PERSPECTIVE . an elevated and wise viewpoint on life in general, much like The Eagles Eye perspective.

from that eclipse to this Full Moon we are bringing a scattered mind to a focused mind by seeing the beauty and truth in all things. we are able to invite in more love, knowledge and expansion into our daily lives by building a practical routine with our spiritual practices.

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