July 2021 Energy Overview | Playful & Powerful Divine Feminine

July is bringing the heat with powerfully pronounced Divine Feminine fiyah 🔥

the overall Tarot it energy the Queen of Wands, Mary Magdalene and the Strength card, Mother Mary with the Lion.

Divine Feminine Energy 🔥

Divine Feminine Energy

the playful mother is both festive and frank. The Strength is pictured with a wild Lion being tamed by a woman. this is Mother Mary coddling Christ, The Tribe of Judah. she also represents Venus and the Star of Isis.

on Independence Day the Star of Isis also called Sirius will be most visible however this day is overshadowed by the traditional Fireworks and celebrations.

later this month the day before the New Moon in Aquarius and the day before Leo season is the Fest of Mary Magdalene.

July 2021 Energy Overview

Mars will be in Leo from the 1st until the 4th

New Moon 18° of Cancer on the 11th and Mercury moves into Cancer

23rd Leo Season and the Full Moon at 26° of Aquarius

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