Cancer New Moon | Divine Feminine Inner Nourishment + Journal Prompts

July 2021 Energy

the energy overview of July 2021 is immersed in the Divine Feminine power. this New Moon in Cancer happens at 18° of Cancer on July 9th.

the Sun (Divine Masculine) and the Moon (Divine Feminine) join together in the home, the house of Cancer to renewal their relationship with one another.

Think of it as a Renewal of Vows

the Sun and the Moon are asking, How Can We Nourish One Another?

Divine Feminine Inner Nourishment

Divine Feminine Inner Nourishment

SIDE-NOTE: Feminine and Masculine are not referring to gender nor sex in the common understanding but relates to the Duality found in nature. and Gender as positive (left spectrum) and negative (right spectrum) push and pull etc

Mother Mary| Healing & Independence

this New Moon in Cancer which is the 1st water sign of the Zodiac, the Home and the Divine Mother aka Mother Mary.

her strength is her ability to heal and love unconditionally. she is linked to the Star Sirius also known as the Star of Isis and the Dawg Star. this Star will be the highest in the sky on July 4th.

this holiday is the celebration of Independence and she can help you with asserting your personal independence through gentleness. allow your INNER STRENGTH lead you in relationships and expressing healthy boundaries.

The Mother Hen Nourishes Herself First

to nourish herself the Mother Hen must be well nourished.


filling your cup first is rule number one and this Moon will illuminate where you have been depleting your own INNER•GY


• what nourishes your Soul?

• what activities nourish your passions and how often do you do these activities?

• how can you bring more nourishment into your life at this time?

Happiness that Spills Over

the Mother Hen represents our Higher Divine Feminine Consciousness aka Mother Mary. each of the little Chicks are the various parts of our Consciousness Mind, Moods and Elements of our Personality.

if our Higher Divine Feminine Consciousness is starved the Chicks will fade out.

your INNER• GY , Inner BE•ing and GY meaning ‘the measure of Radio•Activity’.

What INNER•GY Are You Transmitting?

what information, emotions, thoughts that transform into thought-forms are you Downloading into your reality?

what is your Mother Hen feeding the baby Chicks that will one day mature into adults

this New Moon will bring up triggers that need to be addressed.

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