Aquarius Full Moon |Crafting Your Life Through Your Creativity + journal prompts

this Aquarius Full Moon takes place on July 23rd at 1° of Aquarius, representing this degree is the Sabina symbol of “An Old Adobe Mission In California”

Crafting Your Life Through Your Creativity

Sabian Symbol

there’s something so gratifying creating something with your hands. taking an idea from your mind that your passionate about so it’s connected to your heart.

the connection between the mind (Aquarius) and the heart (Leo…the current season) to bring a vision to fruition really is what life is about.

from creating children, or a business or a job opportunity or a relationship or a song… whatever it may be this is what gives life true purpose.

we all are Creators it’s just that some are creating someone else’s passion project that gives that person life and drains their own passion and will for creating their purpose.

Journal Prompts for Aquarius Full Moon

1) do you have a clear vision of your Passion for Life? (not other people but YOUR vision; including children, spouse, boss, parents etc)

2) if so, what steps have you already taken to Create this vision?

3) if not, than what do you feel (intuitively) is holding back from taking any action steps towards this vision?

4) what is the next step will you take towards this vision? (list 3 clear steps)

Mary Magdalene | The Myrrh-bearer Bridge

Mary Magdalene

this full moon is extra charged due to the combination of Mother Mary highlighted during the New Moon in Cancer and Mary Magdalene with this lunation.

the day before this powerful moon is the patrons Feast of Mary’s celebrated on July 22nd and is honored as an Apostle of Christ.

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  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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