Aquarius Full Moon | The Butterfly Leaves the Cocoon +journal prompts


this full moon in Aquarius is a transformational culmination of energy that started during the last Aquarius full moon last month. this full moon takes place at 29° of Aquarius . the Sabian symbol for this moon is A Butterfly Emerging From A Chrysalis

“SEE, I’M DOING A NEW THING!” Isaiah 43:19

Healing Generations Backwards & Forwards

this energy piggybacks off the Lions Gate portal that opened last month for our FEMININE ANCESTORS are seeking a willing voice and an open heart to tell their untold story.

the thing about New Beginnings is that many times we can’t see the tangible evidence of the new beginning.

that’s because we must use our Spiritual Eye, if we rely only on our human senses we very well could miss out on a true miracle.

the scripture from Isaiah 43:19 was a reminder to the Chosen Ones at that time to see with their Spiritual Eye that God was doing something completely new in their lives.

this is true now for you at this time, God has sent out Angels to help you on this new chapter of your life.

Major Transformations

Can You See It?

Aquarius Full Moon Journal Prompts

new beginnings requires a new mindset and news ways to conduct our spiritual lives

1) what prayers or desires do you feel have gone unheard?

2) have you at any point received any form of confirmation about these prayers or desires; such as related dreams, prophecies, messages, signs etc? if so, list them in detail.

3) do you still receive these or any other confirmations? if so, how often and how do you feel when you receive them? (grateful, hopeful, angry, at peace)

4) if you do not still receive any form of confirmations why do you think this is? did you loose faith? do you feel you are being tested? list your reasoning in detail.

5) what do you feel God and your Guides are requiring from you at this time in your spiritual journey?

6) do you feel in anyway that your current place in your spiritual journey directly affects your prayers and desires manifesting? how and why, write in detail.

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  1. I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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