SEPTEMBER ENERGY OVERVIEW | Virgo Season with Journal Prompts

Virgo Season started with an auspicious start on August 22nd on the Full Moon in Aquarius.

the full moon transitioned from the electric energy of Aquarius earlier in the day into the deep empathic energy of Pisces. while the sun pushed forward from the sign of Leo into Virgo.

God’s messenger, Mercury, continues to through Libra this month that presents an opportunity in relationships and communication for more fairness and equality.

our Angels must have a lot to say concerning balance and harmony in our relationships because Mercury spends a little extra time in Libra with a retrograde starting September 27 until to October 17

A Family Tree : 14° of Virgo Sabian Symbol Virgo New Moon

all the hard work and dedication you invested over the last past several months will yield tangible new beginnings during this New Moon in Virgo.

A Fertile Garden Under A Full Moon : 28° of Pisces Sabian Symbol Pisces Full Moon

on September 20th the full moon happens at 28° of Pisces continuing the momentum of this new beginning we all have earned.

The Fall Equinox

on September 22nd which is the last day of Virgo Season and the official first day of Libra Season ushering in polarity, duality, balance and fairness.

with Mercury still hanging out there during this time please pay close attention to your “relating skills” , how you relate with those around you from verbal to un-auditory.


1) during this Virgo season what projects and-or regiments would you like to start or maybe even revisit?

2) what areas of your life do you feel you lack structure and stability right now? (be detailed)

3) make a detailed list up to three areas starting with the most prominent to the least.

4) for each write a detailed description of what you hope to accomplish by the end of this season.

5) for each area listed write 4-5 practical action steps you can take weekly and then daily to put you closer to your desired outcome listed in #4.

Happy Virgo Season

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