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this new moon solidifies the Virgo Season that spans from August 22nd until September 22nd. this new moon takes place at 14° of Virgo. the Sabian symbol aligns well with the last Prophetic Channeling that builds on the last energy of the Aquarius full moon .

A Family Tree

A Family Tree

a tree 🌳 is only as strong as it’s roots!

you come from strong roots that run deep into the core of the Earth that has produced the fruit of your life.

each branch of your life to this point has produced fruit that contain seeds of promises.

some of these seeds have sprouted juicy low hanging fruit ready for your picking. now is the time pick them.

if you leave them too long they will rot and fall to the ground to be trampled. DO NOT LET YOUR FRUIT ROT

Fruit from your Ancestors

Nine of coins

this example is a metaphor for an offer from God, your Angels and your ancestors. certain blessings are destined for you, in this analogy they are the low hanging fruit on the tree.

the fruit thats out of your reach is obtained through your obedience to your life-path that will ripen for the next generation to pick, and so on.

the low hanging ripened fruit was from the seeds of your ancestors and their obedience to their life-path.

THE CURRENT OFFER: carefully examine the fruit (blessings) pick the ripened ones now before they rot and you will be responsible to plant new seeds for others to harvest later.

Virgo New Moon Journal Prompts

1) what are some seeds that your parents, grandparents and or any family predecessors planted?

2) how did these seeds matured in your life?

3) do you feel you have picked the ripened opportunities in your life?

4) if not, list some times that you prematurely picked a sour opportunity and why you did and the effects it had on your life.

5) list the times you intuitively knew what ripened opportunities to pick and how they enhanced your life.

6) list 3 current ripened fruitful opportunities that you feel are ready for picking.

New Moon RitualVirgo New Moon Ritual

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