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this full moon wraps up the Virgo Season besides the Fall Equinox September 21st. this full moon takes place at 28° of Virgo. the two Sabian symbols (below) aligns well with the last Prophetic Channeling that builds on the last energy of the Weekly Word, The Season of Bounce Back .

Guard Your Harvest

Virgo & Pisces at 28°

Pisces and Virgo Working Harmony

the Pisces Full Moon wraps up a 6 month cycle that started earlier this year on March 13th with the New Moon in Pisces.

both Virgo and Pisces are archetypes of service. Virgo “hand to plow” , “grinding” and physical labor, the everyday person.

while, Pisces is The Priestly order, those who serve in traditional religious organizations or in rulership roles, typically with a religious flare but not excluding CEOs, governments that at one point in history the roles were filled by those in a “divine order”.

personally, your days can be met with a desire to self serve like to heal aspects that you’ve notice have been neglected or even avoided over the last 6 months and even more so during this Virgo Season.

taking a much deserved rest will benefit whatever project or goal you have been investing your time, energy and resources into. as Pisces is also a sign for resting and allowing Faith to takeover.


ten of coins

with a new level of success comes a new level of challenges, but you got this!

this Full Moon takes place in the 3rd Decan of Virgo rules by the Ten of Coins, the Legacy Card!

the Sabin symbol for the 28° of Virgo, where the Sun is currently located is Baldheaded Man In Uniform Seizing Power opposite is the Moon at 28° of Pisces A Fertile Garden Under A Full Moon

this could be people with the Evil Eye , whether a friend or family or someone that’s secretly or openly competing with you. either way seek guidance from your Angels and keep building your legacy!

Pisces Full Moon Journal Prompts

1) what are some of the seeds you plant or were cultivated at the time of the New Moon in Pisces in March this year?

2) how have these seeds matured in your life at this time?

3) do you feel you nourished them properly by giving them the proper mental, emotional and physical care? please example in detail.

4) if not, list some ways you felt you didn’t and a separate list for ways how you can nourish them properly now.

5) list how this seed/s will add to your legacy.

6) list 3 current steps you will take to nourish and grow these seeds over the next few months.

New Moon RitualVirgo New Moon Ritual

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