OCTOBER ENERGY OVERVIEW | Libra Season with Journal Prompts

we are in the last quarter of the year and only at the halfway point in some esoteric circles. the Libra Season started with an amazing energy on September 22nd with the Fall Equinox , which was enhanced by the Full Moon in Pisces just a few days previous.

Libra Season- The Shift

this month brings inward balance and harmony as the World is transitioning into a new earth, which will show up as imbalance during this transition phase.

Libra is the masculine expression of Venus and is sandwiched between two feminine energies, Virgo and Scorpio.

major energetic shifts are arising here in Libra season; a lot of suppressed collective emotions and secrets that will be thrusted into the public arena. hidden agendas and injustices from major companies and lawmakers will be exposed stirring up more anger in people.

everyone will have an opinion and much of them will be one sided. extremes of social, political and spiritual narcissistic behaviors will spotlight the need for more freedoms and equality for the common people and less popular issues.

one channeled message from full moon Pisces Prophetic Reading was about an underground ring of kidnapped Native American women and girls, some maybe boys, being transported and sold as s-x slaves. this ring involved at least one high ranking government official. the prophecy, among many others will start around Scorpio Season as pieces will come together from there. (most of these types of messages show up in video format)

The Justice Card, Libra Card

Justice Card

A Noon Siesta : 14° of Libra Sabian Symbol Libra New Moon

after a long season of hard work your dedication has proved to be fruitful. taking a break for a short period is a refresher before getting right back to it. God has much work for you to do for the Collective and the World. (more in new moon message)

A Lost Opportunity Regained in the Imagination : 27° of Aries Sabian Symbol Aries Full Moon

on October 20th the full moon happens at 27° of Aries opposite the Sun at 27°, sabian symbol An Airplane Hovering Overhead (more in full moon message)


1) during this Libra season what personal injustices have you experienced that you feel needs more fairness and harmony?

2) how do you feel this can be achieved? keep in mind that you can only change yourself not anyone else. (be detailed)

3) what was your part in this injustice and how can you change your role to stimulate your personal inner peace?

4) have you noticed any injustices in the world that has effected you in any way whether physically, emotionally and-or mentally?

5) if so, what do you feel your Guides are leading to do something at this time, no matter how big or small? (list the next 3 action steps)

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