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this new moon packs a powerful revelation at the start of this Libra Season following the Fall Equinox on September 21st. this new moon takes place at 13° of Libra, well, almost at 14°, however, the Sun, Moon, and Mars meet up at this point. this energy aligns well with the last Prophetic Channeling Weekly Word, Divine Queen Energy

It’s Just A Break

It’s Just A Break, Not A Breakdown

The Vision Before Building

Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth goes direct in Capricorn, which is the structure to the chaos and the birth canal of this rebirth.

Pluto brings chaos and destruction much like a methodical demolition so Capricorn, the builder, which is ruled by Saturn that also rules Aquarius, can go to work. this team will build a new and innovative structure to this imbalanced world.

what can you see being birthed from the rubble of the old structure(s) in your life and the world?

Venus is still in Scorpio on the day of the new moon however, she’s preparing to leap into the fiery arms of Sagittarius. here is where new ideas, passions, and rekindled drive can spark and branch off into a new focus(s) that will both light you up but, also challenge you.

The Wounded Healers

The 3 of Coins

The Healers don’t have to be completely healed to heals others

this moon happens in the 2nd decan of Libra (3 of Swords), overlapping with the first in energy (2 of Swords).

an agreement, commitment, arrangement, or promise between two parties has been severed by another party or outside influence.

in this decan Saturn is exalted; complacency and passive-aggressive behaviors will arise but, those that sacrifice their truth for temporary peace will in the end suffer.

Chiron in Aries retrograde opposing the Sun wants us to question our truth, our true inner thoughts about ourselves, and the value we place on ourselves as individuals.

COMPARISON SYNDROME can trigger our inner negative self-talk. this is good and healthy for true growth.

Aries is the “I Am” of the zodiac, this is a great time to form a list of self-empowering I AM statements.

Libra New Moon Journal Prompts

1) the Full Moon in Libra happened on Mar 28, 2021; since then what predictions or prophecies have manifested?

2) what relationship themes have you noticed over this period, or even from further in your past?

3) what is your Wounded Healing? the stubborn, reoccurring situation that’s still in the healing process.

4) what do you feel is the cause of the wound(s)?

5) how do you feel you can heal the Wounded Healer within? (take ownership of your past and current actions)

6) list at least three I AM statements you will use at least once daily to empower your Wounded Healer.


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