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we are nearing the tail end of this Libra Season with this full moon in Aries that brings to a head the energy from the new moon in Libra.

this moon is The Hunter’s Full Moon and is the first Moon to follow the Harvest Moon. this moon takes place on October 20th the full moon happens at 27° of Aries opposite the Sun at 27°, sabian symbol An Airplane Hovering Overhead

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this moon takes place in the 3rd decan of Libra (ruled by Jupiter and Mercury -Gemini triplicity) and happens at 10:57 am est.

Mercury and Jupiter rule our thinking and both are turning direct on the 18th. this day can be best utilized by reflected over this past Mercury Retrograde period with a special emphasis on relationships as it took place in Libra.

Gemini, the ruler of the third house, it’s the source of communication, including media, gossip, and even self-communication.

Gemini is has been in North Node since May 5, 2020, and will remain there until January 18, 2022. this cycle has been transforming the Collective experience surrounding communication.

the opposite node is Sagittarius, Venus is currently in the fiery sign helping us to lean into a deeper level of joy and happiness within.

this Full Moon in Aries, the Spark is opposite Mars, the Solider and square Pluto, the Executioner. WOW!

everyone will have something to say about what you are doing or are not doing.


topic after topic, advice on top of advice, everyone wants to tell you what’s best for you.

the question is, do you know what’s best for you?

this energy will push, tug and probe you to test if you really believe in yourself. it will cause you to question your beliefs on all fronts and if you are truly ready to back those beliefs with action.

Rest or Rest Less

4 of swords

As The Collective Continues to Heal

Chiron in Aries is still working on our behalf to heal generational wounds that have been playing out in our current reality.

Aries is the “I Amof the zodiac, this is a great time to form a list of self-empowering I AM statements.

Aries Full Moon Journal Prompts

1) think back to the New Moon in Aries on April 11, 2021; since then, what predictions or prophecies have manifested?

2) what personal goals have you pushed and seen tangible results? are you satisfied with those results?

3) what personal power have you discovered since then and how have you stepped into this power?

4) in what ways have you pushed too hard and how did this play out?

5) in the past who was your I AM that showed up in the World? (the identity given to you by your family, friends, and other outside sources)

6) does that I AM still resonate with your current I AM, how so? (be detailed)

7) if not, how do the two differ? how do you plan to move forward with your current I AM? (example: speaking your truth, not engaging in old habits, forming new supporting habits)


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  2. Your point of view caught my eye and was very interesting. Thanks. I have a question for you.

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