NOVEMBER ENERGY OVERVIEW | Scorpio Season with Journal Prompts

we are in the beginning of Eclipse Season starting with the Full Moon in Taurus but first, happy Scorpio Season my fellow Scorps ♏! this amazing energy has been snowballing since the Fall Equinox

Scorpio- The Rebirth

this month, of course, will be a bit intense but, it will bring out the very best from deep within, just allow the process to unfold without force.

naturally, especially while operating in the intense watery realms of Scorpio, you may feel and want to cave into the temptation to push forward or even to lash out.


the thing about transformation is that it requires the destruction of the old to build something new and better.

in with the NEW and out with the OLD

professional builders don’t build on top of the debris from the demolished structure. the removal of the broken pieces is essential to construct a completely new structure. the builder knows the structure will fall, it’s clear self-sabotage.

The Death Card, Scorpio Card

The Death Card aka Rebirth Card

An Inventor Experimenting: 13° of Scorpio Sabian Symbol Scorpio New Moon

on November 4th, this moon is the perfect time for Shadow Work. what better time 😏 can’t get any deeper than Scorpio!

just a few days after this new moon, Mercury enters Scorpio. deeper, “darker” conversations can arise but more so the Shadow side will want to be heard. you know, the voice you bury and push deeper within, well it’s time to listen.

remember, the Shadow is part of everyone and nothing to be ashamed of for it’s an essential aspect of your personality.

The King of the Fairies Approaching His Domain: 28° of Scorpio Sabian Symbol Taurus Full Moon

on November 19th the full moon happens at 28° of Scorpio in the 3rd Decan. this full moon is a partial lunar eclipse.

marking the beginning of the last cluster of 2021 eclipses. these events bring about major life changes with abrupt endings and quick new beginnings. read full moon message


1) what was one time you remember feeling wronged as a child? (this can be overlooked, feelings downplayed, any form of neglect)

2) how did you react in this situation?

3) do you feel the adult in the situation noticed your pain? if so, how did they react to your pain?

4) have you at some point noticed a pattern in your life similar to that situation? if so, how did you handle the situation(s)?

5) if not, think back over the most important relationships in your life so far, do notice any patterns of wounding and disharmony?

6) have you sourced the root of the cause of these patterns?

7) what methods, if any have you tried to address the issue(s)? how did they work out?

8) if you haven’t tried anything, how and when do you plan to start your healing process surrounding this and similar situations in your life? (reaching out to a support group, talking to a trusted and wise friend, seeking a Therapist, etc)

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