Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Prophetic Message + Journal Prompts

this is the last Eclipse in the Gemini-Sagittarius cycle that started in June 2020. this Solar Eclipse takes place at 12° of Sagittarius, on December 4th at 2:42 AM EST.

the sign of Sagittarius (human rights, freedom, the elevation of the mind) is activating a powerful constellation in Scorpio (militant force, focused pressure) authoritative figures and religious or governmental organizations enforcing their agendas with a firey force.

Beware of Spiritual Narcissists

personally, this could show up as a dominant figure in your life that wants you to fold under their pressure and will; because they feel they have the righteous answers to your preserved problems.

13th Zodiac Sign Highlighted

Ophiuchus, meaning “serpent-bearer” or “or snake charmer” in Greek, is the 13th sign of the Mazzaroth, the Zodiac. sitting between Scorpio and Sagittarius, it’s the Greek god Apollo wrestling the snake.

late autumn and early winter, the Sun (represented as the Eagle or the Cock/Roster, Christ) Ophiuchus, also known as the “snake hunter” is the hero fighting with a serpent. like the Sun (Son) passes through the later part of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius this is where Ophiuchus is being born.

the Sun wrestles as it descends into the cold darkness of Capricorn during the Winter season until resurrecting as an unblemished lamb in the sign of Aries.


12° of Sagittarius Sabian Symbol

as we are transitioning into a whole new World, and the struggle has been real. the world, the Earth and all of its inhabitants, us included, have been and still are struggling to push through to the new and better World.

much like the man that wrestles with the serpent, we wrestle within ourselves between our animal nature (snake) and our higher nature (man).

Solar Eclipse Journal Prompts

opportunities may pop up during this time, a good question to ask yourself.

1) during this time, what themes in my life do I still struggle with?

2) what and-or whom have I been releasing out of my life over this Gemini (information, thoughts, communication) and Sagittarius (beliefs, philosophies, higher education) axis transition?

3) how have these releases benefited my life so far? (be detailed)

4) from these releases what further benefits do I project long-term? (new or old relationships, purpose in life, legacy, etc)

live in your truth


on December 1st Neptune stationed direct, this may bring some clarity to the intuitive nudges and downloads from earlier this year. this energy gives shape to these ideas and visions by lifting the spiritual and mental veil.

Prophetic Reading + Channeling

the Sun in Sag is conjunct the South Node (Sag) highlighting things we need to release instead of becoming engulfed in the holiday cheer of the season. during the last eclipse of this year focusing on releasing limiting beliefs, outdated thought forms, and patterns are an extra emphasis right now.

“A flag turns into an eagle that crows”: 12° of Sagittarius Sabian Symbol New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

The 9 of Wands Card Card

The Bold & Beautiful/ Queen Easther

the next moon energy is the New Moon in Gemini.

The Sculptor’s Vision is Slowly but Surely Taking Form: 27° of Sagittarius Sabian Symbol Gemini Full Moon + Galactic Center

this is the last Full Moon in the annual cycle. (upcoming moon message)



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