Gemini Full Moon Prophetic Message + Journal Prompts

this is the conclusion to the Eclipse cycle in Gemini-Sagittarius and the last Full Moon of 2021. this Full Moon takes place at 27° of Gemini, on December Saturday, December 18 at 11:36 PM EST.

this is also a peek of the energy from the Gemini Solar Eclipse that happened earlier this year on June 10th, 2021.

The Galactic Center


the Galactic Sun is located at 27° of Sagittarius and represents the great unknown. this is a portal of cosmic downloads from beyond our conscious mind and our normal senses.

this Portal welcomes new energies and information to awaken the World to higher levels of consciousness. the frequencies will expand The Collective throughout 2022 with the Nodal transition to Taurus and Scorpio.

this is information, ideas, and experiences that haven’t been expressed in this World similar to Albert Einstein or Nikola Tesla. this type of genius will become more common especially in children. with that in mind, don’t shy away from the inspiration to explore the unknown.

13th Zodiac Sign Highlighted

Ophiuchus, meaning “serpent-bearer” or “or snake charmer” in Greek, is the 13th sign of the Mazzaroth, the Zodiac. sitting between Scorpio and Sagittarius dates November 30th to December 18th.

there’s deep wrestling within the Collective consciousness between the old reality and the new paradigm manifesting before our eyes currently in the World. the shift from The Age of Pisces into The Age of Aquarius has already shown signs of a Collective split, over the next several years it will become more evident.

on a personal note, you could experience an inner conflict with allowing old relationships, thoughts, and other familiarities to leave your life.

these things may have run their course and will turn toxic if you continue to hold on to these connections as they will start to become a poison that will spread into other areas of your life.

Emerging from the Darkness

this Moon energy takes place in the 3rd Decan of Gemini (Moon) and (Sun) Sagittarius, represented by the Tarot cards above.

the 10’s are endings and beginnings. the old dead weight will have to be shed or it will suffocate the new life emerging.


Gemini (the Moon’s current position) is ruled by Mercury which is currently in Capricorn. this is the energy of slowing down to think before acting or even speaking. gathering pertinent information and carefully putting your words together to drive the point home in a short, concise manner.

this energy can be expressed (Capricorn ) with some form of authority, government, or fatherly, dominant figure in your life conveying a direct message (Mercury) with some level of force. this could also affect traveling (Gemini) plans, especially with the holidays coming up.

Mercury (Capricorn) is squaring Chiron (the Wounded Healer) at 8° of Aries + Mercury (Capricorn) in Trine with Uranus (Taurus), this is a temporary hold-up or disappointment however, there’s a surprising opportunity that will show up. this can be related to travel as previously mentioned or something completely different. regardless stay positive and focus on keeping your vibes high and what you can gain from the situation, not lose.

Gemini Full Moon Prophetic Message

Full Moon Journal Prompts

1) since the Solar Eclipse earlier this month, what Cosmic Downloads have you been receiving? (regardless of how absurd you may think it is)

2) how do these downloads or intuitive messages vary from the ones from Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th?

3) where do feel your wrestling within, some internal friction between what’s familiar and what’s unknown? (be detailed)

4) do you plan to support these new downloads? if so, how? (be detailed)

5) what do you feel your to do with these message? (share them, hide them, etc)

The 10 of Wands Card

The Light in the Darkness

The Sculptor’s Vision is Slowly but Surely Taking Form: 27° of Sagittarius Sabian Symbol Gemini Full Moon + Galactic Center

this is the last Full Moon in the annual cycle. on the 21st of this month, we enter into Capricorn season.



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