2022 ENERGY OVERVIEW | 2022 retrogrades + major astrology events + intuitive messages


2022 is the year The Matrix will reveal the bag hidden Trix , the illusions of stability and freedom being “unmasked”.

a bit of numerology, 2022 broke down to the number 2, which signifies Duality and Polarity. 2022 (2+2+2) equals 6. the number of healing, power, and victory!

the illusion of “separation” in many ways will be highlighted throughout this annual cycle. however, if people can pull together through common beliefs there will be ultimate victory!

there will be a split within The Collective due to individuals focusing on the various illusions of separation projected from mass media outlets. this will affect both the Spiritual communities and the Materialists (those who only see the material world).

all Eclipses, Equinoxes, Solstices, New + Full Moons will have dedicated posts and Prophetic video messages, so follow this blog + our YOUTUBE channel


Mercury & Venus are the 2 planets that retrograde the most, here are the major transits for 2022.

January 14 to February 3, 2022
May 10 to June 3, 2022
September 9 to October 2, 2022
December 29, 2022, to January 18, 2023


December 19, 2021, to January 29, 2022
Venus stations and turns direct: January 29, 2022, at 11° Capricorn

on December 19, 2021, Venus started its retrograde cycle in the sign of Capricorn. the focus on working on our relationships with others. we will also be restructuring our values, especially surrounding money.

amid this transformative cycle on January 8th, the Sun + Venus will align to rebirth the Venus-themed energy within the
Cosmos. this will reinforce our newly found value systems within The Collective and personal relationships. this alignment is called The Venus Star Point


this transit will motivate us to identify malnourished relationships and self-care practices, also where there’s overspending and wasteful behaviors.

the North Node, what we’re moving towards & what we need to develop. Taurus will nest here signifying that our focus needs to shift to healing the planet, new environmental developments, sustainability, strengthening our legacy, bodily health, purging material possessions, and can cause earthquakes in some parts of the world.

the South Node signifies where we have been there and the qualities that come to us naturally. with the South Node in Scorpio this welcomes deep collective healing. also the formation of new tax laws, developments in cellular experiments, secrets, scandals and whistleblowing (governmental + individually), occult knowledge + practices revealed + widely accepted, sexual crime cases revealed + solved; including sex rings, human trafficking, and lost rape cases. new developments in the porn industry, hospitals + prisons changes.

these energies need to be balanced at this time in our lives and will be the global focus throughout this transit.


April 30, 2022 (New Moon Solar Eclipse)
May 15/16, 2022 (Blood Moon Eclipse)
October 25, 2022 (New Moon Solar Eclipse)
November 7/8, 2022 (Blood Moon Eclipse)


December 19, 2021-January 29, 2022 – Venus retrograde in Capricorn
• January 29th Venus goes direct in Capricorn RETHINKING OUR POWER

January 18/19, 2022 Nodes Transition into Taurus and Scorpio

December 28, 2021-May 10, 2022 – Jupiter in Pisces

January 14-February 3, 2022 – Mercury retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn
• (Grind Time) January to late February 2022

April 12 – Jupiter conjuncts Neptune in Pisces

April 30 – Solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus

May 10-June 2 – Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Taurus

May 10-October 28 – Jupiter in Aries

May 15 – Lunar eclipse and full moon in Scorpio

September 9-October 2- Mercury retrograde in Libra and Virgo

September 17-October 24 – Saturn squares Uranus

October 25 – Solar eclipse and new moon in Scorpio

October 28-December 20 – Jupiter in Pisces

October 30-January 12, 2023 – Mars retrograde in Gemini

November 8 – Lunar eclipse and full moon in Taurus

December 29-January 18, 2023 – Mercury retrograde in Capricorn

12 Month Lunar Zodiac Wall Calendar

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