The Divine Lovers~FEBRUARY ENERGY OVERVIEW | Aquarius Season + PDF download

look forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and communities during this season. The Divine Loversđź’• connect in the sky to help us all better our personal, professional, and recreational connections.

happy Aquarius Season this energy is a preview for 2022.

Aquarius Season Overview

Aquarius governs friendships, innovative creative endeavors, electricity, technology, and the internet, social media/Gaming platforms and app’s.

Aquarius also rules the ankles, calves, shins, and the circulatory system. it is also a co-ruler of the Nervous System with Gemini (ruled by Mercury)

ground the electricity in your body by going outside and planting your feet on the ground. this is also known as Earthing, this is the technique of transferring the Earth’s electrons from the ground into your body.

The Star Card, The Aquarius Card

The Promise Fulfilled

Groundhog Day~Candlemas

on February 2nd commemorates the national holiday, Groundhog Day, this day is linked Candlemas, both days are associated with light. other names include, “The Presentation of the Lord in the Temple” and “Purification of the Blessed Virgin”.

a day of renewal, hope, and purification by celebrating the purification of Mother Mary and the first appearance of the infant Christ in the Temple. on this day you can bless your Ritual Candles and items for the year ahead.

Candlemas ~ Groundhog Day

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury turns direct on February 3rd in Capricorn. Mercury in Capricorn exhibits straightforward thinking that leads to practical communication and execution of ideas that will ensure success!

Venus & Mars, The Divine Lovers

on the morning of February 14th Venus will shine the brightest. she will be joined by Mercury and Mars. this is a great opportunity to recount your experiences within relationships, your personal values, and how you handle your finances.

February 16th Venus (feminine) and Mars (masculine) will couple in the sky. this Union will span into April of this year. The Divine Lovers are coupled in Capricorn. Mars until January 24th and with Venus turning direct on January 29th.

the following day on the 25th, Mercury retrogrades into Capricorn until February 3rd when it turns direct. so, briefly, Venus, Mars, and Mercury (communication) are in Capricorn moving forward with direct and solid communication in regards to our true desires and needs.

the asteroid Vesta (hearth and home) will accompany The Divine Lovers on their journey. new connections and fresh starts with previous connections will be guided by the Sacred Flame of Vesta bringing a sense of warmth, trust, and comfort in relationships.

Astro~Prophetic Messages

February Moons

“PEOPLE ON A VAST STAIRCASE, GRADUATED UPWARDS”: 12° of Aquarius Sabian Symbol Aquarius New Moon

New Moon message coming soon


Full Moon message coming soon

Jupiter in Pisces~ Growth

with Jupiter in Pisces (entered December 28, 2021) and will remain until (May 10th) Jupiter governs Pisces, traditionally however, Neptune is the modern ruler. this energy brings enhancements in intuition, divination, discernment, and messages via the dream state.

however, those that struggle to balance their emotions and haven’t formed or are actively forming a healthy spiritual practice can find this energy overwhelming as they can easily be misled by their emotions.

Jupiter energizes personal and collective abundance, creativity, empathy, optimism, growth, and generosity. more specifically, Jupiter in Pisces welcomes harmony and understanding of one another in the world.


12 Month Lunar Zodiac Wall Calendar

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